1.4T turbo powered FAW Pentium B50 car purchase manual (video) ca4111

1.4T turbine power enhance the FAW Pentium B50 Pentium B50 Car Buying manual (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) in the independent field in the compact sedan for 7 years, is one of the veteran, and this year the new Pentium B50 were also upgraded, undoubtedly the pace to keep up with the times, improve the competitiveness of the new car, the price range of 8.18-11.78 million. This car purchase manual will analyze the configuration of the new Pentium B50 configuration, and which is the most worth buying. The new Pentium B50 equipped with 1.4T engine, the new Pentium B50 as the upgrading of basic models, both inside and outside take on an altogether new aspect. The appearance of a more dynamic shape to meet the modern aesthetic, the size of the body has also brought greater space, of course, the configuration will not lag behind, and finally a new turbine power assembly. With considerable upgrades, new B50 full of confidence. The launch of a total of 8 models, divided into three kinds of power, the details please continue to look down. The new FAW Pentium B50 official guidance price models price 1.6L MT 81 thousand and 800 1.6L MT comfortable type 85 thousand and 800 1.6L MT luxury 89 thousand and 800 1.6L AT comfortable type 95 thousand and 800 1.6L AT 100 thousand and 800 1.4T AT luxury luxury 103 thousand and 800 1.4T AT 107 thousand and 800 1.4T AT sport luxury sport distinguished type 11.78 Wanquan new Pentium B50 retains the 1.6L engine, re adjustment have a better output, while removing the original 1.8L engine, replaced by 1.4T engine, 5MT 6AT. The new Pentium B50 engine model CA4GB16CA4GB14TD 1.6L 1.4T displacement parameters of the engine intake form naturally aspirated turbo 80kW 5500rpm100kW 4500-5500rpm maximum power maximum torque of 155N· m; 3800rpm220N· m; 1500-4350rpm 1.6L MT – based configuration analysis technology official guidance price: 81 thousand and 800 yuan as the new Pentium B50 introductory version of the model, using the MT technology can meet the basic configuration. Space and the platform has been upgraded so that it has no small competitiveness. The new Pentium B50 technology the appearance of the interior configuration appearance of the new halogen headlamps headlight height adjustable headlight delay function high brake lights Aluminum Alloy hub in the comfort of the configuration, entry-level new Pentium B50 also do the current industry standards, in general it is able to provide comfortable driving and good human-computer interaction. The new Pentium B50 technology comfortable configuration front center armrest driving seat 6 to manually adjust the copilot before and after the 4 4 horn multimedia system to manually adjust the fabric seat with USB electric car window mirrors electrically adjustable rearview mirror manual anti glare visor mirror rear windshield defrosting to ensure the security configuration based on entry-level the new Pentium B50, such as seat belt pretensioners, main and auxiliary driving)相关的主题文章: