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10 habits to eat a long life: rice should be thin, vegetables should be light, better quality – Food Channel – People’s original title: the habit of eating a long life of the past: rice should be thin, vegetables should be light, quality is better than the secret of the longevity of the eating habits of 10 10. What kind of people can live a long life? We have heard of the secret of longevity in the world, the media has also been reported to the medical experts on the longevity of the new research, but which is suitable for people to learn? As long as you adhere to these healthy eating habits, longevity may not be out of reach for you. To be a little thin the rice porridge, rice, not only soft taste, easy to digest, and more than jianpiyangwei fluid and moistening effect, is beneficial to longevity. But the elderly can not be dundun porridge. After all the porridge dominated by water, the "little dry cargo". In the stomach capacity is the same, the same volume of porridge in the nutrition and Steamed Buns Steamed Rice, a lot of difference, may be malnourished if things go on like this. Two, Ii Naka a little here to say "incense" does not refer to more than salt, MSG and other spices, but due to the dish add onions, ginger and other spices. People’s facial features are interlinked, you can use the sense of smell to make up for the lack of taste. The smell of delicious food, the elderly can appetite. It is good for the protection of cardiovascular and cancer three, more vegetables, eat more vegetables, the elderly every day should eat less than 250 grams of vegetables. Four, vegetables to a little bit older people’s taste function has declined, often food and tasteless, always like to eat heavy food to enhance appetite, so inadvertently increase the intake of salt. Eat more salt will increase the burden on the kidneys, may reduce the barrier function of the oral mucosa, increasing the risk of survival and spread of influenza virus in the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, the elderly daily salt intake should be controlled at about 5 grams, at the same time to eat pork and other salty food. Five, meat less meat and vegetables into account, the thickness of collocation, the more complex the better varieties. The main non-staple food of the day (not including seasoning) should not be less than 10. Six, good quality protein to maintain the normal metabolism of the elderly body, enhance the body’s resistance has an important role. The elderly, per kilogram of body weight to 1 grams of protein, fish, poultry and eggs should be, milk, soybeans and other good sources of protein. Seven, food is a bit hot cold food cold, eating more will affect the stomach digestion and absorption, and even cause damage. Therefore, the elderly should avoid eating cold food, especially in winter should pay more attention to. Eight, the number of elderly people a little less than 13 of the daily secretion of saliva is young people, the secretion of gastric juice also dropped to a young age of 15, and therefore a little more than eating, it will swell, indigestion. Therefore, the elderly should be less than 10% of the amount of each meal should be eaten at a young age, while ensuring that eating more meals. Nine, good breakfast breakfast should be accounted for 30% of the total energy all day long to 40%, the quality and nutritional value of some, some, should not eat greasy, fried, dry and hard and irritating food. Ten, dinner a little earlier, stomach disharmony, night upset, dinner to eat too late, not only affect sleep, heat accumulation, but also easy to cause urinary tract stones. The peak of human calcium excretion was 4 after meals相关的主题文章: