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No. 14 line 8 station Friday started many road traffic adjustment this Friday, metro line 14 to enter the peak period of construction, along the Wuning Road station, Lujiazui station, East New Road Station 8 station and Jingan Temple Station – Huangpi Road station interval shaft will be started. During the above 9 construction sites near the ground traffic organization will be a substantial adjustment. Reporters learned yesterday from the Shanghai public security traffic police department, the completion of all the site construction takes about four years. It is worth noting that, during the construction, part of the site near the road or congestion. "For example, Jingan Temple station south of Yanan road Huashan Road 7 Lane paddock, reduce the original 6 lanes for traffic flow, the south to the north will cause great pressure, especially from Changshu along the road to go north of the vehicle, may have a greater traffic congestion." A road traffic police corps deputy chief Chai Jingwen said that during the construction of Yu Garden station, Renmin Road, Henan road tunnel outlet is closed, the vehicle can only exit from Zhejiang road tunnel, Huaihailu Road traffic pressure will be increased sharply or. And Pudong is located in Lujiazui during the construction period, or will cause traffic congestion in Lujiazui area traffic. In this regard, the traffic police department will be placed in the vicinity of the site thousands of signs, clear road traffic organization adjustment program, the morning and evening peak hours will also increase traffic police in the above traffic congestion to maintain traffic order. At the same time, I hope the public to understand the road ahead of schedule ahead of schedule travel routes to avoid congestion. Hot news: Changning party secretary talk about future plans: the depth of the transformation of old Huangpu city construction of excellent international public security drill field into Wanghong: dubbed Huangpu Shanghai subway station first ruthless tidal flow was the morning rush hour passengers encounter on the train hard fun supplies business double eleven battlefield: 90 into the main consumer of Pudong announced one hour after being exposed underground casino ban involving 8 people arrested weather forecast: 23000 sense of autumn evening to the night overcast with showers today相关的主题文章: