15 cages and a trap caused by the storm in a residential area in Hangzhou-kasey chase

15 cages and a trap caused by the storm yesterday in a residential area in Hangzhou, Hangzhou readers Ms. Choi gave money newspaper 96068 hotline call: "we combined several residential property industry who got more than and 10 cat cage to catch stray cats! May kill the cat." Tsai herself is also a cat, usually will go to feed these stray cats. On hearing the news, I was very worried. This phone, presumably also touched a lot of people living in Hangzhou pain point, it is the area of stray cats, how should we treat? A plot of the trap plan: 15 iron cages are ready yesterday, the money newspaper reporter came to the area where Ms. cai. And the district is located in Gongshu District Road, 2009 opening of the residential area is quite large, green environment is good. Ms. Choi told the newspaper reporter, the district is a stray cat, but not much. When it comes to trapping, said Ms. Chua itself is heard, but she heard a stray cat catch action is a few years ago by the District, later it was said that the fate of miserable cat. "I heard that some of them were killed." Residential property office is easy to find. A reporter saw the entrance on the side, placed on both sides of the 15 iron cages. Property managers admitted that the cages were used to catch stray cats, but denied that they would slaughter stray cats. Trapping stray cats is the owner of the Commission led to engage in our property here for the record. Never said to catch stray cats to kill ah, we just carry on their release or sterilization." Speaking of this, the Small Business Committee Mr. Hu, a face difficult, while maintaining the sound of people love cats, one side is deeply troubled owners complain of stray cats: area where so many little friends, how dangerous the Wildcats in love; wildcat trash, multi effect environment; there are people with feeding stray animal offal the cat, attracting flies etc.. We are also the industry committee to discuss the study, but also to investigate the surrounding area before deciding to trap the total number of stray cats to control." Mr. Hu said, will never be executed stray cats – after all, stray cats are also a fresh life. In order to prove innocence, Mr. Hu said the entire video shooting trap these stray cat pictures. Cai know, but also that they are also in the two days with the industry committee to talk about, I hope they can be as open as possible, the right way. The story of a volunteer: why do stray cats do TNR talk about the stray cats in the District, many residential property and communities are headache. The Hangzhou Animal Protection Association volunteers, 42 year old sister Zhu said their team has a way: "have you heard of TNR?" "TNR is Trap, Neuter and Release released trapping sterilization for cat community sterilization project, this is our Hangzhou government led the implementation of the project." Zhudajie where Hangzhou dynamic retain a dedicated team, responsible for the publicity and implementation of the TNR project, we will guide the residential property to help stray cat trapping, let the property to send them to a nearby government designated pet hospital sterilization." Zhu sister is the head of the hang Bao TNR project. The implementation of the project more than 2 years, Zhu aunt said they also encountered many difficulties encountered: not to cat neutered cat lovers,"相关的主题文章: