19 year old mother refused to raise the custody of his son was sentenced to the age of 6 Civil Affai actv

The 19 year old mother to raise 6 year old son was sentenced to custody of the Bureau of Civil Affairs (Figure) – Beijing Binbin and rescue station staff together. Under the mother is still alive but not who he was only 6 years old, helpless, a Bin Bin (a pseudonym) in Zigong city rescue station had to be their mother Guo Yuan (a pseudonym) to court for the revocation of their custody. In September 5th, the Zigong Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau received to Ziliujing District People’s court verdict, the verdict of the court as previously expected — mother Guo Yuan was deprived of custody of Bin Bin, designated Zigong City Civil Affairs Bureau to the guardian. This is the first aid station in Zigong as the plaintiff sued the court to revoke the guardianship of minors case. At present, as the guardian of the Zigong Civil Affairs Department Binbin is working in Hukou and enrollment for binbin. The 1 paper fair decision to withdraw the mother custody of the Civil Affairs Bureau designated as the guardian in September 5th, the Zigong Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau received the Ziliujing District People’s court verdict: the case in April 15th this year, the May 24th hearing on the Binbin mother Guo Yuan revoked custody case, and in August 26th issued a verdict — deprived Guo Yuan monitoring right at the age of 6 Binbin, designated the Civil Affairs Bureau of Zigong Binbin new guardian. The court held that in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China law on the protection of minors", the "PRC Civil Procedure Law" and the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of civil affairs according to law "on the guardian against the interests of minors for a number of issues" the relevant provisions of the "parents or other guardians do not fulfill the duty of guardianship or infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of minors guardianship, the education reform, the people’s court may, according to the relevant personnel or unit application to revoke its qualification guardian, shall be appointed guardian", "no suitable personnel and other units of the guardian, the people’s court shall designate the civil affairs department as a guardian, by the children’s welfare institutions taking care of". It is reported that the judgment for the final judgment. The afternoon of May 24th, sitting in the seat of Guo Yuan wearing masks, the plaintiff requests the decision to withdraw its request to the custody of her full Binbin, only said two identical words: "no opinion". 1 helpless results rescue station called "satisfied with the sentence" the 6 year old children no longer unattended "after receiving the verdict, we have begun to carry out the relevant procedures, issued a notice to the city children’s Welfare Institute officially receive resettlement Binbin etc.." Zigong City Civil Affairs Bureau relevant responsible person said that the document issued, Zigong city children’s welfare will be in accordance with the relevant procedures for Binbin Hukou and admission procedures. "At present, Binbin is read preschool, by our welfare ‘Mom’ to take care of his life, all in good condition." Wu Kaiyun Zigong city children’s Welfare Institute said, because the problem has been raised in suspense the Binbin, refused to assume their responsibilities, so has Binbin in welfare home life for several months. From October 1st this year, will be officially by the Binbin Zigong city children’s welfare dependents shelter, and he will in the hospital more than 100)相关的主题文章: