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2016 of the world’s most popular travel announced, there is a list of China city Sohu as a flower tourism graphic traveler said, if the heart has no place to perch, where are the homeless. Perhaps, for a traveler, the end of his life, but also want to find a place for the soul of the harbor. In China, there is a place that has been recognized as the soul of the home, it is said that every person who came here, the heart will no longer stray. In fact, it is the name of the vast majority of people for having heard it many times, whether or not to people who have been to this place, we are longing for. It can be said that she is a world traveler can be crazy for a city. In the recently announced 2016 World Travel Award, "the most popular cities in East Asia and Southeast Asia", the city has become the only city in the world travel award. She is Lhasa, the capital of China’s Tibet autonomous region, located in the middle of the Tibet plateau, north of the Himalaya mountains, 3650 meters above sea level. Lhasa annual sunshine time in more than 3000 hours, known as "sunshine city". Sunny here, the scenery beautiful, here has a long history and profound culture, the unique ethnic customs, strong religious color, there are many worthy of appreciation beauty. Potala Palace, she is the world’s highest building, magnificent palaces, castles and temples set in one; she is one of Tibet’s largest and most complete ancient palace buildings; she is an outstanding representative of Tibetan ancient architecture, is the essence of Chinese ancient architecture work; she is the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism, this year the Pilgrims and tourists too many to count. The Jokhang Temple, Jokhang Temple is a monastery of Tibetan Buddhism, has 1300 years of history, has the supreme status in Tibetan buddhism. Norbulingka was founded in eighteenth Century 40s (Darai VII), is the Darai Lama summertime governance place, is a typical Tibetan style garden. Nam Co Nam Co, Tibet’s "three lakes" of the lake 4718 meters above sea level, similar to the shape of a rectangle. Here, look at the water, like sapphire blue. Look at the mountains, Snow gleams white. Look at the sky, clouds…… The Tanggula Tanggula is the dividing line between Qinghai and Tibet, 5231 meters above sea level, is along the Qinghai Tibet highway in Tibet must pass through, and is the birthplace of the Yangtze river. The Yarlung Tsangpo River, is located in the territory of Tibet autonomous region, China the longest plateau River, is one of the highest River in the world, rich in water reserves, China in Changjiang river. Mira P. Mira pass, located in Lhasa City, to the boundary of gongbujiangda County, Mozhugongka county and Linzhi area, "Lhasa – Linzhi" tourism line of a place to rest. Mira pass, elevation 5013 meters, standing on the mountain, blue sky, white clouds elegant, a mountain breeze blowing, colorful flags in the wind flying between heaven and earth…… The flowers as travelers original graphic, more exciting content, welcome to subscribe to "spend as traveler" or WeChat public number: HN相关的主题文章: