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2017 Xiamen upgrade for the second horse tomorrow to sign Marseille Daquan reproduce the glorious history of 15 years, highlighting the Xiamen Ma style in 2003, the Xiamen International Marathon for the first time shots to start running, the development of China marathon industry is in the initial stage, a national marathon held only 5 games, the Xiamen Marathon in order to allow more people pay attention to the marathon, held a variety of supporting activities, the Xiamen horse into sight. The Xiamen International Marathon is also the first large marathon in China’s market operation, and has rich experience in business operation. Since 2008, the Xiamen International Marathon has been awarded nine consecutive IAAF road race gold race (IAAF gold), has become one of the world famous boutique marathon. The 14 year old ma Xiamen, through every step of the development process and the Chinese marathon are closely linked, it created the world and Chinese marathon history first, for example, held for the first time China International Marathon forum, International Olympic Committee chairman Luo Gedi for a marathon inscription, the first International Olympic Committee to the marathon held in the city, giving a statue of Coubertin the first time in the world Road Association annual meeting, held Chinese marathon flame for the first time out of the country and overseas in Greece, the marathon origin first receives the gift of foreign marathon sculpture, by the IAAF road race gold standard event honor "the first young" event the marathon, the origin of the first Greek receive foreign gift marathon sculpture, global international marathon held for the first time the City Mayor Forum Lecture in Xiamen, made an important contribution to the development and popularization of China marathon. Since the development of Xiamen, many people have occupied an indispensable position in the hearts of many people. As an important witness in the 15 years’ development of Xia Ma, Mr. Du Zhaocai spoke highly of Xia ma. "The journey of Xiamen and Malaysia is an important record in the history of China’s marathon." Xiamen is the participant and practitioner of the development of China’s marathon. The "most beautiful track" attracted a large number of runners, and nearly 600 thousand of the people took part in Xiamen over the years. In the 14 years of Xia Ma, 8 runners participated every year. The elderly Li Shoujun from Wuhu, Anhui, has been 78 years old and enjoys the reputation of "iron old man" in sports circles. This time, he was invited to attend the conference. He came to Xiamen for the elderly sports meeting in advance, congratulating Xiamen 15th anniversary and turning over his 2003 book. Li Shoujun, the old man, said: "Xiamen is a city I like very much. The quality of the citizens is very high. There is a seat on the bus and some people go on a run when they run." I’ve had more than 100 medals so far in all kinds of sports events, but I still like Xiamen most, and I’ll run the horses. " Glory 15th anniversary, highlight the first look in 2017, the Xiamen international marathon will soon usher in 15th anniversary. At this glorious moment, Xiamen broke through itself and started again, launched a series of supporting activities and highlights, giving an anniversary present to runners. 1, 2017 will usher in Xiamen horse 15th anniversary, will be held in honor of "15 years" series of activities, prizes for 15 consecutive in Xiamen horse runners, referees, medical care, public security, traffic police, security personnel, volunteers, television, and joint Xiamen Construction Industry Co. company jointly launched contains 15th Anniversary limited Commemorative Medal Suite 8 Xiamen horse official derivatives. 2, "Xingye Bank Xiamen marathon Culture Season" will start in October 2016, will create a Xiamen road race event City carnival season, to create a strong marathon atmosphere for Xiamen. 3, carry out the "my first horse experience" online topic collection activities, remembering "I" and Xiamen. 4, we will continue supporting activities such as "green running in action", "marathon photography competition" and "Cheerleading Competition".

2017厦马升级为全国第二大全马赛事 明天开始报名   重现光辉历程,彰显厦马15年风采   2003年,厦门国际马拉松赛首次鸣枪开跑时,中国马拉松产业发展正处于起步阶段,一年全国举办的马拉松赛仅有5场,厦门马拉松赛为了让更多人关注马拉松赛,举办各种配套活动,将厦马带入众人视野。厦门国际马拉松赛也是中国第一个市场化运营的大型马拉松赛,在商业运营上有着丰富的经验。自2008年以来,厦门国际马拉松赛已连续九届获评国际田联路跑金牌赛事(IAAF金标),成为享誉全球的精品马拉松赛事之一。14岁的厦马,走过的每一步都和中国马拉松的发展历程息息相关、密不可分,它创造了世界及中国马拉松历史上的多个第一,比如,第一次举办中国国际马拉松高峰论坛、国际奥委会主席罗格第一次为马拉松赛事题词、国际奥委会第一次向马拉松举办城市赠送顾拜旦雕像、世界路跑协会第一次在中国举办年会、马拉松圣火第一次走出希腊国门并在境外、马拉松运动的起源地第一次接收国外赠送的马拉松雕塑、被国际田联路跑金标赛事荣誉的“第一年轻”赛事、马拉松运动的起源地希腊第一次接收国外赠送的马拉松雕塑、全球第一次举办的国际马拉松城市市长论坛在厦门开讲,为中国马拉松的普及和发展做出了重要的贡献。   厦马发展至今,在许多人心中已占据不可取代的位置。作为厦马15年发展历程中的重要见证者,杜兆才先生给厦马很高的评价:“厦马这一路走来的历程是中国马拉松历史上重要的记录,厦马是中国马拉松发展的参与者和实践者。”   以“最美的赛道”吸引着大量跑者,历年来参与厦马的人次将近60万。厦马14年,有8位跑者每年都参加,其中来自安徽芜湖的李守军老人今年已经78岁,在运动圈子中享有“铁老汉”的美名。此次受邀参加发布会,他特意提前结束老年人运动会赶来厦门,为了厦马15周年祝贺,更翻出了他2003的号码簿。李守军老人表示:“厦门是我非常喜欢的城市,市民的素质都非常高,坐公车有人让座,跑步的时候有人加油。参加各种运动赛事,迄今我已经有超100枚奖牌了,但我仍然最喜欢厦马,我会一直跑厦马。”   荣耀15周年,亮点抢先看   2017年,建发厦门国际马拉松赛即将迎来15周年,值此荣耀时刻,厦马突破自我、重新出发,推出系列配套活动及亮点,为跑者献上一份周年大礼。   1、2017年将迎来厦马15周年,届时将举办“荣耀15年”系列活动,对连续15届参加厦马的跑者、裁判、医疗、公安、交警、安保、志愿者、电视直播人员等进行颁奖,并联合厦门建发轻工有限公司共同推出包含15周年限量纪念奖牌套装在内的8款厦马官方衍生品。   2、“兴业银行厦门马拉松文化季”将于2016年10月启动,将打造一场厦门路跑赛事城市狂欢季,为厦门营造浓厚马拉松赛事氛围。   3、开展“我的厦马初体验”线上话题征集活动,记起“我”与厦马的点滴回忆。   4、继续举办“绿跑在行动”、“马拉松摄影大赛”、“啦啦操大赛”等配套活动,并于赛前举办马拉松亲子跑。相关的主题文章: