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"28 year old juvenile exposure" Guardian Edition Poster Ni Ni umbrella Guardian lover – Sohu entertainment "28 year old minors" Guardian Edition Poster [HD Photo] Click to enter the entertainment news by a Sohu at the end of Ni Ni, Wallace Huo, directed by Ma Su, the king, starring 2016 New Year movie "28 year old female poison chicken minor" the screen will be landing in December 2nd. Today, the film side exposed the "Guardian" version of the poster, the size of summer (Ni Nishi) and Mao Liang (Wallace Huo ornaments), Yan Yan (Wang Dalu ornaments) were an umbrella guardian of the people most concerned about, disputes circulating feelings of people confused, also led the audience for the film’s infinite curiosity. In addition, the theme of the film viewing activities are also being carried out in full swing, attracting a large number of viewers to view the film, and gain a high appreciation of fans. Today, the movie "28 minor" film released "guard" version of the poster, the rain on the streets, Mao Liang, Yan Yan, the size of cool summer for their beloved umbrella, Bai Xiaoning (Ma Sushi) is the window watching the crowd, some people perplexing emotional wrangling horizon. From the poster visible, white lime as a cool summer hardcore bestie Xiao, both the guardian to accompany a friend, also witnessed her love; 28 year old summer love Mao Mao bright bright, and still miss her 17 year old little summer the vitality and enthusiasm; 17 year old little for her summer wind chasing hide the young Yan Yan’s love, however, but Yan Yan of cool summer obsession, a few creative entanglements circulation emotion let a person feel very puzzled, they will end up where I belong, have two kinds of mind and will hand a cool summer God, really let people There’s no telling. In addition, the small screen color umbrella cool summer is very conspicuous, like have different characteristics in suggesting the weird girl, also led the audience for the movie to unlimited speculation. In the movie on Mao bright and cool summer "28 year old minors", urban women Ni Ni at the age of 17 and 28 years back and forth between the crossing, and fell in love with two different types of boys, in the conflict between the two love she eventually found his heart. The film will be the theme of the growth and transformation of women in the fantasy love story, with a relaxed tone of entertainment to tell the audience, although time will pass, but the passion of youth and the courage to change should remain forever. As the Lunar New Year: warm soup, "28 year old juvenile" also reminded the female audience even if life is full of frustration, don’t forget the first love to love. The film "28 years of age" by the end of the Ma Su, Ni Ni, Wang, Wang, Wang, starring in the mainland will be December 2nd, the country’s grand courtyard.相关的主题文章: