42 bond payment default to accelerate the market clearing supervision should focus on Information Di diamondprox

42 bond payment default to accelerate the market clearing supervision should focus on the information disclosure of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Su Shiyu "in 2016 Chinese capital market will show a" barbell "form, interest rate debt and equity market is the barbell, and credit debt is relatively fragile bar." Wo think tank researcher Zhang Chao said in an interview with reporters, the "Securities Daily". Wind statistics show that as of last week, this year there are 42 bond payment default, involving the issue of the main body of 22, the amount of default up to $25 billion 461 million. Whether it is the number of default bonds or default amount, have been more than two times last year. The emergence of the default of the bond on the one hand reflects the objective situation of the economic downturn in the plight of the survival of enterprises, but also exposed the bond market in the context of "steel against the background of the rapid development of the accumulation of contradictions. We need to be aware of, accelerate the bond default is the market clearing stage is blind investment, excessive allocation to the natural process of rational regression, is simply a "mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore" process. At this stage, the default will be the risk of investors have to face, and blindly add leverage to win bond allocation of operating income, in addition to face market risk, the risk of default will increase." Zhang Chao told reporters. Chinese Securities Law Research Association Deputy Secretary General Zheng Hong told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, debt default events occur frequently, on the one hand reflects even the bond market is relatively small risk may default, on the other hand also suggest issuers, intermediaries and investors, must follow the market thinking and the way to treat the enterprise and bonds, in order to manage risks. How to reduce the debt payment default behavior through regulation, civil and commercial law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law professor Cao Xingquan on the "Securities Daily" the reporter said that the regulatory significance is to help the main body of the market, rather than the alternative market. Therefore, the market should bear the risk of the bond market, the transaction should be arranged to guard against the risk of their own transactions. Regulatory focus, first, as far as possible to establish a market fraud prevention mechanism, to fully investigate the occurrence of fraud, such as investigating illegal acts of illegal fund-raising or absorb public deposits. Two is to build credit information release mechanism, improve their ability to educate investors and guide investors rational investment." Cao Xingquan said. Zhang Chao told reporters, as the market regulator, the need to consider is the "default motivation", although some enterprises operating difficulties, but cannot rule out companies deliberately "taofeizhai", breach of contract transfer business risks through bond. As regulators need at the institutional level, increase penalties for subjective bankruptcy of enterprises, rebuilding the bond market credit environment. Zheng Hong said, the next step is to speed up the overall system of the construction of the bond market, improve the market management system framework in the bond issuance and trading. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the means of market regulation, and to enrich the supervision mode of the bond market相关的主题文章: