42 people were killed and more than 150 people were rescued from the coast of Egypt, or because of o-ravbin

The refugee ship in Egypt coast sank 42 people dead and 150 people were rescued by the new network or network overload in September 22 Xinhua comprehensive report, a ship carrying nearly 600 refugees and 21 ships in Egypt, Sheikh village on the sea capsized, the rescue team rescued more than 150 people, at least 42 people were killed, the death toll is expected to will continue to rise. A senior Egyptian buhayrah Province security officials said preliminary information indicated that why the boat sank is overloaded, the ship tilted which passengers fell into the water. The authorities said, this is the village of Sheikh, the largest ever smuggling case, the ship was carrying from Egypt, Syria and African refugees, refugee ship temporarily unknown destination, but is believed to go to Italy. In recent months, the Mediterranean weather improved, a large number of refugees took the opportunity to try to ship from Africa to Italy. Many people will pay for smugglers aboard, but smugglers in order to increase profits, often disregard safety to let the ship overload, causing the wreck crisis. In June of this year will have a boat capsized in the Greek coast, causing 320 refugees. The United Nations refugee agency released the latest statistics report, this year, the number of refugees and immigrants across the Mediterranean coast arrived in Europe has more than 300 thousand people. This is significantly lower than the record number of more than 520 thousand people in the first 9 months of last year. UNHCR said that although this year’s total number of cross sea smuggling compared with last year, a significant decrease of 42%, but the number of deaths and missing remains high. Last year, the number of casualties caused by sea shipwreck accident of 3771 people; this year to the present, more than 3211 people dead or missing.相关的主题文章: