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VOIP The use of Hosted PBX systems is growing at a fast pace today and there are many features of this system that can help mark a difference in the business world today. These PBX features can offer small enterprises the benefit of maintaining a phone channel that works seamlessly in promoting business relations. The most important features for business organizations today include: Interactive Voice Response: The use of this feature makes it easy for clients to manage .munication seamlessly. This feature greets your clients warmly and provides them with a menu that they can follow. According to the choice made, the client can be automated towards the direction chosen. This is beneficial when there are a number of departments in an organization and the overhead of calls in one hinders all the others. With this feature, calls can be carefully routed to the desired destination. In case, the channel rings busy, a call queue can be maintained so as to direct the calls whenever the channel is free. Click to Call: Integration of your website with some of the PBX features is likely to bring a better response. With this feature, your website can have a simple button that can be clicked and the user can be connected to it in a moment. This feature can use a free account like Skype or can be connected at a back end with an 8xx number. This feature saves time that the customer would invest in noting down your number and making the call. Moreover, you can cut down the time for him to have second thoughts. He may instantly call you and add to your business network. Call Blast: This is one of the most widely used PBX features that are progressing in the telemarketing world. This PBX feature can be used to direct calls to a number of clients so as to let them know about any new enhancements that you have introduced in the system. This type of calling not only reduces the effort required to build a strong client base but it also helps your taskforce involve in some other work that can utilize their skills. Furthermore, this type of calling can create a better business impression as clients are likely to think of your business as a large one when they hear an automated call. Toll free number: 800 numbers are be.ing the life of marketing techniques opted by most of the business enterprises today. The series in these numbers vary from 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855 to the up.ing 844, 833 and 822. These series are chronologically arranged in the order of their birth in the tele.munication market. The more you are established, the older your number should be. So, an older number can work the magic vice-versa and give your business a well-established image even when it is new. Your first choice of your business phone number should be an 800 and then you should consider other options. You may as well get a vanity toll free number for a better customer impression. Call Conferencing: Conferencing and the need to hold business meetings can arise at any time and letting physical constraints hinder your .munication decisions is not a wise path to follow. Call conferencing in an audio or video mode is one of the most outstanding PBX features that are provided by the service providers. With this feature, no matter where you are, you can simply login to your account and be a part of the Conference that is progressing in either audio or video format. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: