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Jewelry-Diamonds Princess cut, marquise, oval, square: there are so many diamond engagement ring options, it is best to get to know a little about a ring before you buy one. The cut of the diamond is the first and most important of all diamond engagement rings options. Many women are particular about the type of cut they will wear, simply out of preference. Some women will tell you that size doesnt matter, but when it comes to the cut being noticed, size does matter. If your diamond is any less than a quarter of a carat, the cut of the diamond will generally be indiscernible. This is due to the fact that any less than a quarter of a carat is so small in stature that the cut itself will not be noticed. The intricacies of the cut of a diamond will be clearer if the size of the diamond is larger. This is not to say you should get a 3 carat diamond in order for the cut to be seen. Simply larger than a quarter carat will suffice, the size is completely up to you. More women are particularly drawn to the marquise cut than any other cut. The marquise is a diamond shaped cut, and is multifaceted for more sparkle and shine than all other cuts. For this cut, a quarter carat is sufficient to see detail. Princess cut is the second most popular cut when it comes to diamond engagement rings options. The shape is cut into a square or rectangle, and is face up in the setting. The profile from the side appears as an inverted pyramid and has all the sides beveled for added brilliance. The type of setting is just as important as the cut of the diamond, as it will hold the gorgeous stone. Prong settings are the most popular due to the fact that they allow light to enter beneath the diamond and allow the brilliance and color to shine through. As with any diamond, when light is shone into the center, a beautiful array of colors will be seen. This is done by using prong settings. A traditional prong setting has 6 prongs of normal height in order to allow enough light to be cast beneath the diamond, while still keeping the stone close to the finger. Tall prong settings will allow the diamond to sit high on the hand while allowing more light to be shone through beneath, for a brighter and whiter looking diamond. There are 4 prong eternity bands, where diamonds are set in 4 prongs all the way around a band, and this is normally bought in conjunction with the engagement ring as the wedding band. Common prong settings are very commonly seen, where each diamond is set in 2 prongs and sharing a prong with the next diamond to the side. This allows the diamonds to be set next to one another with the appearance of nothing blocking the view between each stone. Regardless of the diamond engagement rings options you choose, the overall effect is what you want to be so spectacular. Experiment with different settings and see which you like the best. Your local jeweler can aid you with your choices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: