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Web-Design When the Internet came to the fore, businessmen did not think it’ll survive long enough to benefit them. It was always regarded as a source of communication and entertainment. By and by, they realised the marketing potential of this form of media. It is about two decades now, and the World Wide Web has gone on to engulf audiences worldwide. A few years ago, a web user did not have too many options to choose from, as far as Internet browsers were concerned. But today, we are bombarded by hundreds of options, including the numerous versions of the same product. This choice has spelt trouble for developers because all these browsers have different compatibility levels with web pages. Therefore, web site designers find it extremely troublesome to establish cross-browser compatibility for their site. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape are three of the most popular Internet browsers, and are used by more than 95 percent surfers worldwide. However, given the numerous versions of their products, it is simply unfeasible for a web site to cater to all of them. The simplest tactic is to research your log files and find out what your potential customers use. If most of them use Internet Explorer, there is no need for you to bother about the others. Once you have made your choices, you now need to deal with different versions of the browser in question. You cannot expect your users to upgrade their browsers as per your convenience. May be they do not have the resources to do so, or probably because they are comfortable with the existing one. The most feasible solution to this problem is testing browsers during the development phase. Run your web pages on different browsers and then check the presentation of fonts, colours, page resolutions, et al. It’ll be even better if you ask an external authority, who knows professional web site design , to check your site’s compatibility on browsers. This review will help you improvise on the design of your site. To make things better, the World Wide Web Consortium has been asking software companies to come up with browsers that are compliant to a single set of standards. However, things have not been rosy for the organisation, and browsers still continue to stick to their individualistic stances. Till the time the concerned people take stock of this situation, designers have to work extra hard to ensure success of their web sites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: