9 year old boy was a 14 year old boy away during the 2 day period was repeatedly beaten hot cigarett 霍金hawking

9 year old boy was a 14 year old boy was beaten several times during the 2 days away hot new network cigarette – western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Chen Zhikai) children are the parents of the baby, Xi’an 9 year old boy was missing for two days, his face so that the parents can’t accept. Peas grandmother: the body is injured on the head, I hugged the baby crying." Aunt peas: ear swelling are quickly twisted off, swollen face with steamed buns face." The parents told reporters that the afternoon of September 24th from the village of Doug suddenly disappeared, the whole family like crazy looking for alarm. Two days and two nights without news, and finally found in the vicinity of the monitoring of the child’s trail. Doug: "we have a big brother in the district. He took me to the amusement park. We played at nine. He took me to the hotel." Doug said to take his boy surnamed Gao, 14 years old, and he knew before, but who knows to live in the hotel, the 9 year old Doudou suffered a nightmare. Doug: "he hit me on the head with a stool, hit me in the arm with a bench, and took my arm with a plastic toy knife." In addition to blackblue wound and mass, Doug had had multiple cigarette burns. Doug aunt: "I closed my eyes, thinking about the child crying, aunt save me, aunt save me, I want to go home." Doug said he had been beaten after crying, until yesterday morning (September 27th), the hotel owner found that the suppression of the 14 year old boy’s behavior, this is the escape from the hotel back to the house. Subsequently, on suspicion of beating the boy was brought back to the police to the police station. Doug: "he said he felt like my nephew was scolding him, so he called my nephew."." Doug Dad: "there is a police on duty told me that because two children are minors, beating children have come of age, and was later to pay for medical expenses by beating children guardian." A 14 year old boy to a younger brother of the age of 9 so heavy, it is unimaginable. After the accident, 14 year old boy’s parents also promised to deal with the matter, the results can not be heard yesterday afternoon. Doug Dad: he did not answer my phone, and then turned off the phone turned off." Doug aunt: I think the other parents should first come out, we both sit together, to talk about how to do this thing." Doug’s family said the 14 year old boy hit Shandong, single parent families, and his father rented in Xi’an. Subsequently, Doug’s family found the other parents rented place. Flat-share roommate: "I don’t know where he has gone, then I do not pick up the phone he." The flat-share roommate confirmed that a 14 year old boy hit high did not go to school, usually stay in the rental house, this time with the fact in surprise. At present, the 14 year old boy hit is still under further investigation in hongmiaopo police station.相关的主题文章: