Beijing – VIDEO – the historical temperature painting exhibition opened in Chongqing Li Shutong like 女f4

Beijing – VIDEO – "the historical temperature" painting exhibition opened in Chongqing Li Shutong "like" appearance after repair of half naked female [comment] in September 2nd, "history of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and China temperature: figurative paintings" exhibition opened in Chongqing, unveiled 180 China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art museum collections of paintings. It is understood that the exhibition is divided into "new enlightenment" and "national narrative", "body lapping", "contemporary concerns" and "original works and research." five main sections, from the view of history outline of China Central Academy of Fine Arts oil painting in the creation of a group of different historical periods, so as to show the realistic China since twentieth Century oil painting hundred years of development. The same period [] (China Central Academy of Fine Arts professor Yin Shuangxi) we have the exhibition planning, is to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in celebration of the one hundred anniversary, to review his journey, first from the start of oil painting. But in the middle of the process, we found that the Central Academy of fine arts museum collections and artists, to form a relatively complete Chinese twentieth Century oil painting development a context. [comment] it is understood that one of the most valuable exhibits in this exhibition, Li Shutong is the only one left in China painting "like" naked female. This painting is the creation of Li Shutong during his study in Japan, the first published in the 1920 issue of "aesthetic education", and has been unaccounted for. It was not until 2011 that the Museum of Fine Arts in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts cleared the collection. In addition, China Central Academy of Fine Arts professor Yin Shuangxi told reporters that in the history of the development of Chinese oil painting, each stage has some representative. The same period [] (China Central Academy of Fine Arts professor Yin Shuangxi) like this early stage, early paintings and glass painting after painting was introduced into Chinese, so it is representative of some representative Li Shutong and Mr. Li Yishi are naked. So in the period of the Republic of China, led by Xu Beihong of the Art Department of Centre College and later to Beijing Beijing art teachers, there is a part of the works, vividly reflects the history and life, like Feng FASI of the mountains, such as a representative. Pang Maokun, President of Sichuan Fine Art Institute, said, "the history of temperature" oil painting exhibition came to Chongqing, for the development of oil painting in Chongqing has a very good role in promoting. During the same period (Pang Maokun, Dean of Sichuan Fine Art Institute), the development of Chinese painting, especially the history of Chinese oil painting, is related to many works in this exhibition. Many works in the history of Chinese oil painting art, is a classic works. I think this is a very good move, is to be able to show more than 100 years, China and the western oil painting in the form of a combination of traditional and development, I think this presentation is very meaningful. [comment] reporter learned at the exhibition site, many foreign students came to Chongqing for the show. The same period [] (Cao Xinjia) oil painting from the west to the China since the introduction of think of these artists, really feel very much, very great, after feeling to see these paintings, giving people feel particularly profound, is a warm feeling, we are also deeply together相关的主题文章: