Beyond all expectations! Yuan Longping’s fifth super rice failed exit safe mode

Beyond all expectations! Yuan Longping’s fifth super rice research failed information: on September 2015, Yuan Longping’s "Super Hybrid Rice" in Yunnan old world record, the average yield of 1067.5 kg rice acres piece. Original title: a "unsuccessful" success — Yuan Longping yield of super rice Fifth Research of Wugang approval on 29 September, Changsha Xinhua (reporter Zhou Mian) world-renowned academician Yuan Longping, the fifth Super Hybrid Rice Research second measuring production, recently in Hunan Wugang acceptance. Research variety wide Xiang 24S / R900 this performance did not meet expectations, and even can not be said to be successful. The reporter witnessed the whole process of the production acceptance testing, but from another perspective, this is a successful test production, by scientists as a serious attitude towards science, more measured the scientific spirit of "the father of hybrid rice". At 8:45 on the morning of September 22nd, Yuan Longping and responsible for production acceptance testing experts arrived in the peer demonstrative base in Deng yuan Tai Zhen Du tou Qiao village of Wugang city. China academician, Academy of Engineering South China Agricultural University professor Luo Xiwen at the edge of the field of production measurement expert group by group. Reporters noted that the group of more than a dozen members, only one professor from Hunan Agricultural University, Hunan. In the simple observation of the "Xiang 24S" and "R900" after all the people came to a pavilion next to the demonstration, draw on the field. A total of 4 plots were tested. Among them, the decision to draw 3, good, medium and poor one, in addition to the demonstration base and then recommend their own piece of 1. When filling in the field of paper lot number is put in the box, it is suggested that Yuan Longping had a smoke. "I’m an athlete, not a referee." From the base didn’t speak to Yuan Longping waved their hands, flatly rejected the proposal. A few harvesters and dozens to help local farmers to follow the experts were divided into four groups and began to work immediately. Yuan Longping stayed in the pavilion to accept a reporter’s interview. He told reporters that he valued 16 tonnes per hectare (equivalent to about 1066 kilograms per mu) fifth Super Hybrid Rice research. More than a week ago, in Yunnan, the results of the first test of an old 1088 kg, has exceeded expectations. "But how much of the plateau and the special ecological environment of light." Yuan Longping cautiously said that the main planting area of rice in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Basin, so this point is more representative of Wugang. But even today’s acceptance of success, it can not be fully realized fifth goals. I also intend to go to the North China Plain once, if it is successful, only count." Yuan Longping said. Progress in the field of testing seems to be not too smooth, harvester operations were suspended several times. A staff member told reporters that the operation of several machines is not too smooth, resulting in the cut is not deep enough, there will be a certain degree of waste. Reporters saw some scattered a lot of paddy fields. Eventually, the expert group on the harvest of rice packaging weighing and measurement calculation, at 11 a.m.. In subsequent data analysis, expert opinion summary link, the door of the expert group where the room is always closed. Yuan Longping as a candidate in the next door has a green hand.相关的主题文章: