Beijing – VIDEO – 1000 aunt back home Guizhou Miao rich years dnf商人吧

Beijing – VIDEO – 1000 "aunt" back home "Guizhou Miao" thousands of years rich aunt back home in Guizhou "Miao" rich [comment] in November 6th, during the Guizhou province Leishan Miao Festival, more than 2000 aunt in Leishan county and South Lang de Meng, dragon 14 Miao the village married together back home, fanfare, very spectacular. The same day, married their "aunt" in the "master" of the company, dressed in beautiful Miao costumes, carrying rich gifts, consisting of a mighty team collective back home". Drink wine bar in the village, everyone came to the village on foot drum danced Lusheng dance. [scene] sound (Lusheng dance) [comment] aunt back home the Chinese New Year is the traditional custom of Miao nationality, but in the past scattered, only two or three people meet the new custom home, in recent years, gradually formed the village and sisters back home the Chinese New Year with hundreds of people. The same period [] Guizhou Leishan aunt Wu Minling as our seedling years, every year one time, is at this time of the year is the Chinese Lunar New Year, want to go home to see mom and Dad, we organized an activity to come back, have to come back every year. [interpretation] colorful Miao activities also attracted tourists from all over the country, tourists and Miao compatriots drink together, dance together, enjoy the Miao customs. [] this year tourists Ms. Xu is the first time I attended this year seedlings, but I feel this atmosphere than we are now the spring festival atmosphere but also good, because its national activity is too much, too rich, then there is what long table feast, make cake, also the aunt back home the Chinese New year, is in particular, that is our General Han inside the ordinary city now is not see. [the same period] tourists feel the atmosphere of the country is relatively thick, and feel very distinctive, this may be a major feature of the minority. (reporter Li Jing, Guizhou, Qiandongnan)相关的主题文章: