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The ocean is to protect the ecological red line China will increase penalties – Beijing         in October 31st, the twelve NPC Standing Committee listened to the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Law Committee on the "People’s Republic of China marine environmental protection law amendment (Draft) to consider the results of the report". The Law Committee believes that in order to adapt to the new situation and new requirements for the protection of the marine environment, it is necessary to make the marine environmental protection law and environmental protection law draft revised focus and convergence, promoting the reform of the administrative examination and approval system and punishment three aspects, the targeted modifications have mature.         draft amendment stipulates that the sewage unit in the implementation of national and local water pollutant discharge standards, but also should comply with the requirements of the total discharge of pollutants in key sea areas. Some enterprises and the public, the total amount of pollutant emissions control requirements only quantified as the control indicators and decomposition of the implementation of sewage units, operational. In this regard, the draft is amended as: "the sewage units in the implementation of national and local water pollutant emission standards at the same time, should abide by the decomposition of the implementation of the unit to control emissions of major pollutants index", and the provisions of the corresponding legal responsibility.         the marine environmental protection law of the deadline governance system, the provisions of the demolition, and idle land-based pollutant treatment facilities. Some departments, local and social public, the revised environmental protection law to delete the deadline for governance and removal, idle pollution prevention and control facilities for approval, it is recommended that this law with the convergence. In this regard, the draft made a modification: first, delete the provisions of the relevant provisions of the current law of the deadline, the corresponding increase in the relevant provisions of the law to impose restrictions on illegal production, production and other measures to stop production. The two is to delete the current law in "idle or dismantle land-based pollutant treatment facilities, shall obtain approval of the competent administrative department of environmental protection approval" and the corresponding legal responsibility.         some members of the Standing Committee and puts in place, the draft amendment of the ecological protection of the red line and the main provisions of the national marine functional zone planning, the two system is a basic system for the protection of the marine environment, should be in the general provisions. In this regard, the draft made a change: first, in the current law to increase the provisions of the state in the key areas of marine ecological function, ecological sensitive areas and vulnerable areas and other areas designated ecological protection red line, the implementation of strict protection." Two is the current law is amended as: "the State oceanic administrative department jointly with the relevant departments of the State Council and the coastal provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government according to the national marine main functional area planning, formulate national marine functional zoning, the approval of the state council."相关的主题文章: