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32GB version of the iPhone 7 storage speed is slow but really does not matter [Abstract] calculation limit 32GB version of the iPhone 7 data writing speed is lower than 128GB, 256GB version, but it basically has no effect on the user experience, because the write speed is still far exceeds the needs of users. Tencent digital news (Wen Xin) according to the CNET website, many readers will save money and buy 32GB version instead of 128GB or 256GB version of the iPhone 7, but after the purchase was inevitably whispered: compared with higher capacity version, 32GB version of the iPhone 7 whether the performance will be relatively low. Technically, it is true. Compared with the memory chip with higher capacity, the performance of the low capacity memory chip is slightly lower. This is related to the number of parallel channels in solid state drives — all of these devices, including iPhone, use this type of storage device. Higher capacity solid state disks have more channels, and more channels mean higher speeds. This means that the 32GB version of iPhone 7 slower than the 128GB or 256GB version, right? However, in actual use, whether it has the 32GB version or 256GB version of iPhone 7, in most cases, the user can not feel the difference in the performance of their storage system. Let’s talk about the user can not feel the difference in performance reasons. The data read and write speed by Basemark OS non II show on 32GB and 128GB version of iPhone 7 test is the most important, the storage capacity difference affects only the mobile phone data writing speed: 32GB version of iPhone 7 to write more slowly. Part of the reason is that the complexity of the solid-state hard disk data writing process, the burden on the low capacity model is greater than the high capacity model. The process of reading data from a hard disk is relatively simple, and the performance of the same version is different. Thankfully, the most important thing is the speed of data reading, CNET said. It determines the speed of the phone boot, or the speed of the application. This is the 32GB version of iPhone 7 boot speed and 128GB version of the same reason. The point is that most of the activities that use mobile phones, including watching movies and playing games, are centered on reading information from a hard drive on a mobile phone. Mobile phone data writing speed will not become a bottleneck need to be clear is that the phone will write data to the hard disk – for example, when taking pictures or video, it will directly write data to the local storage device. However, the bandwidth required for these tasks is much lower than the bandwidth available to the ssd. Solid state disk write speed exceeds 100MBps. Shooting 4K video, the phone is the highest rate of data writing tasks, the speed of data writing requirements is 30MBps, much lower than the data can be provided by the mobile phone writing speed. As a result, faster data writing speed has little impact on the user experience. The same is true for a task that requires a higher rate of data writing, CNET said. When the phone and the computer through the cable (Lightning cable).相关的主题文章: