Man eating Hot pot stomach pain to store his face syncope 8 stitches 纪元1701

Man eating Hot pot stomach pain to store his face syncope 8 stitches eating Hot pot singing, holidays and friends had dinner don’t have a lot of fun. However, the day before yesterday morning, a local Ningbo eat chafing dish injured, micro-blog, once again raised public concern about food safety. Netizen Wang Xiaojing micro Bo said: "in September 27th, the four floor of the Pacific to Ninghai Guogou Yushima Shabu dining and colleagues, which colleagues obviously felt uncomfortable, just out of the shop door fell hit the glass on the left face injured 8 stitches." The netizens pointed out that "since the store food is not health cause". To eat a hot pot even fainted injured? Things really friends said so serious? Remember yesterday’s interview with both parties. The parties said after Hot pot stomach pain to syncope yesterday morning more than 10 points, the "Wang Xiaojing" micro-blog about the incident, and is equipped with 8 pictures, a picture to the needle wound to a close, there are two pictures display diagnostic information on the medical records, in addition to some photos of the treatment process. Micro-blog released more than an hour, it attracted hundreds of users onlookers hot, there are doubts about the true and false events, there is a review of the responsibility identified. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the 26 year old Taizhou boy Xiao Zhou, he sent a few surveillance video to reporters. A section of surveillance video display, at 11:33 on the morning of September 27th, Zhou and colleagues one after another into the Hot pot shop, Xiao Zhou normal gait. Another section of the video display, 12:24, the small one bent toward the front of the restaurant, instability of gait, like a drunk staggering out of a Hot pot shop, hit his head on the door of the Fresh Juice shop on the glass counter, sat on the floor. Xiao Zhou said that his physical condition has been good, a few days before the diet is also very normal, and no diarrhea, headache and other physical discomfort, September 27th at noon and colleagues to eat dinner, finally closing "stomach pain, the pain can not stand, in front of lying for a while, I also did not say the waiter don’t ask what." After the end of the account he could not stand the pain, a black rushed out and hit the glass, "the doctor said I was a small intestinal infection and transient ischemia. The left corner three stitches on the left cheek, zygomatic place five stitches." In addition, the colleague and small dinner have symptoms of diarrhea, the hospital diagnosed as intestinal infection". Xiao Zhou which questioned its faint injury is food health caused by Hot pot shop. The doctor said I will leave scar to plastic surgery, requires a fee, but the owner said he had responsibility for humanitarian compensation for 4000 yuan." Xiao Zhou said. The two lawyers say there is a causal relationship to be verified later, reporter telephone interview (Ninghai Pacific island Shabu soup shop) the responsible person, the responsible person admitted into the store in September 27th week meal fell and injured the facts, "but it smashes head in the shop and dining there is no direct relationship, not sure." "If Xiao Zhou can certificate issued by the third party accreditation bodies, that he fainted and falls in the shop dining there is a direct relationship between the amount of compensation compensation and how much we." The person in charge said相关的主题文章: