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The provisions of the Henan company: employees to buy iPhone7 direct fired – Sohu News Corp issued a notice of the mapping network news (reporter Wang Shao Yiwen map) recently, there are more than friends broke the news that a company in Nanyang, Henan has issued a document to prohibit employees to buy the new Apple mobile phone, saying "a violation is found, directly to the company for resignation procedures." This image network reporter linked to the company, the company staff said that. Broke the news] the company prohibits employees to buy Apple mobile phone users who violate the rules or dismissal from the company’s paper notice. Notice wrote: where my employees are prohibited to purchase and use of iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus, once found violations, directly to the company to handle the formalities of resignation. In addition, the company also mentioned in the notice, "if our economy is more, if we allow, let us more care about their health, care for children, pay more attention to the value of life, the rise and fall of the country more care." This photo once issued, quickly aroused widespread user acceptance and discussion, micro-blog’s forwarding and comments have reached hundreds of articles, WeChat circle of friends, there are a lot of reprint. Some users said they can understand the boss of the company’s patriotism, but also very much agree with the practice of calling employees concerned about their families. There are users that the company is too simple and rude, and the violation of the labor law. [] the company said there is this confirmation will consider the provisions of the online information already false ones, whether real or deliberately slander curry favour by claptrap? Image network reporter dialed the phone company to verify. The executive branch of the company, said a staff member surnamed Liu, the online notification is true, the company did in September 18th issued such a notice. Liu said that the notice is issued directly under the chairman of the company. Because see many extreme events because of the purchase of mobile phone and the chairman want their employees do not go astray. At the same time, also hope that in the "918" on this special day can arouse the patriotic heart of the staff, so issued such a provision. Liu said, for the violation of the labor law, the company’s internal discussions. This notice is more hope for employees to play a guiding role in the value of the hope that they can not blindly pursue material, but focus on family. If there is really a staff to buy a mobile phone, it should not really be dismissed." As for the reasonableness of this provision, he said he would report to the chairman, the provisions of the re consideration. [] "this explanation in violation of the provisions of the labor contract law" to compensate the company’s dismissal is a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of employees? Reporter consulted the relevant legal persons. According to reports, in the People’s Republic of China labor contract law thirty-ninth, the employer to terminate the labor contract made a detailed provisions of the situation. The company on the prohibition of the use of mobile phone brands, once found to require the immediate resignation of the provisions of the "labor contract law" thirty-ninth, so the employer’s articles of association.相关的主题文章: