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President of the National Grand Theatre won the Russian friendship medal Putin personally awarded the Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, the Russian President Putin at Moscow Kremlin 4 to 7 Foreigners awarded the order of friendship or the Pushkin medal, the National Grand Theatre Dean Chen Ping Chinese was awarded the order of friendship. November 4th "national unity day"". In the day at the Moscow Kremlin conference held, Putin to 7 foreign nationals from Serbia, the United States, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Austria, China and Moldova awarded the medal of friendship or the Pushkin medal, in recognition of their promoting ethnic peace and friendship or contributions in the areas of Humanities and outstanding achievements. Putin praised him for the Sino Russian cooperation in the field of drama efforts for Chen Ping when honours. Chen Ping was honored to receive the medal of friendship in Russia, saying that this is not only his personal affirmation, but also for the exchange of artistic exchanges between the two peoples. The same day, Putin also awarded for the first time the president of the Russian Federation award winners are Muhamad Tov, honorary president of the Russian Republic of Dagestan’s State Council, a prize of 250 million rubles (about 26 million yuan). The award was established in April this year, to reward those who are committed to enhancing the awareness of the whole Russian citizens, to coordinate international relations and promote the development of the Russian national diversity and strengthen the unity of Russia action. The Russian friendship medal was established in 1994, formerly known as the friendship Medal of the Soviet Union, for the recognition of peace, friendship, cooperation and understanding between nations. Pushkin medal was established in 1999, awarded to the cultural, arts, education, humanities and other fields to make outstanding contributions to the people at home and abroad. Inventory which Chinese people have won the Russian friendship medal? Since 2005, Russia in November 4th each year to celebrate the national unity day". This festival is to commemorate the 1612 Russian troops to Poland forces out of Moscow and the establishment of the. This event has driven the end of Russia’s "chaos" in seventeenth Century. On the day of national unity, it is customary to issue a friendship medal to foreigners. It is worth noting that last year also Chinese was awarded the order of friendship, he is a Russian translator, Professor Liu Wenfei of Capital Normal University. According to reports, the silver medal of friendship, and coated with gold and enamel, worn on the left chest. In addition to the national unity day, any other date can also be awarded the medal of friendship. In June 16th this year, the Russian Embassy in China held the friendship medal ceremony. The Russian ambassador to the Russian President Denisov on behalf of Chinese Vice Minister of land and resources Wang Min, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, former vice president Dong Shuwen awarded the medal of friendship, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the promotion of economic and trade cooperation with Russia, to strengthen friendly relations. In August 26th, the Russian Embassy in China once again held the ceremony. Chinese national anti-terrorism security specialist, former deputy foreign minister Cheng Guoping was awarded the medal of friendship.相关的主题文章: