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Participants: retail stocks was rinsed out one day but who is responsible for the 825 dishes? Sohu, a financial – Friday didn’t have to worry about performance but the focus shifted to the Jackson Holzer annual meeting of global central bank weekly overcast, 5 weekly support. Because the weekly overcast, so stock index rose over 3107 in August 26th not; 5 as a weekly support and the volume, stock index will not fall more than 3040. From August 25th 3068 closing, the stock index fell more than 28 points will not rise, not more than 39 points, plus the amount of energy, which means that in August 26th the rise and fall of no more than about 1%, to maintain a narrow range and close Doji trend, the lowest point in August 25th stock index is 3055 near the lowest point of the gem is in the vicinity of 2163, the gem is not the most up over 2205, unless the two city volume, because the amount of energy is not enough so the stock index and the gem can not be collected, if it is from the weekly closing Yang weekly, get into an accident. Gem support is at 2150. But this week, if the line, that is conducive to the next week and next week. The market is now waiting for the weekend news and Jackson global central bank annual meeting of the decision to see the Fed’s interest rate hike in does not raise interest rates. Two, the diving three hidden behind the mystery of retail was rinsed out one day but who is responsible for the 825 dishes? 1, the Fibonacci time window! August 25th is the stock index saw highs of eighth days, is a time window and turning point, if the August 25 day highs, it is falling behind. If the August 25 day low so that up behind. 2, heavy regulation to 600 billion universal insurance withdrawal A shares? This news is the main and bad media deliberately put, remember the 727 slump? What is the main message of the bank financial funds into the market that. Universal insurance withdrawal A shares this ah, that is 5 years, and they will not pull high shipping? Low who shipped ah? And they don’t ship in a day. Time is also very important, even in front of 6 High Cross stars is in nobody sellers, had to put a bad news that you fear, pain, hand over the counter. Do not think about why this message is not released before it? This is the main consciousness of time, is not accidental, because Thursday is often short of money market and the weakest and most vulnerable to attack, it is most likely to get chips in time. 3, look at the technical support pressure! The weekly stock index 5 now in the 3030 position, next week should be 3040 – 3050 near the mean 3040 – strong support near 3050. From the point of view, this is to test 3050 neckline support, a breakthrough step back to confirm support, also is looking for new housing trends. 30 minutes and 60 minutes MACD immediately finished the wave of short, in the afternoon of the afternoon of the turn of the market, the market in the back of the trend, the city will rebound in the two, the worst stock index will return to the vicinity of the 3080 in the near future. Then will fill a gap in theory, rising to fill the gap left, down the upward gap left also need to recharge. Reference before the previous crash相关的主题文章: