The son of Chinese immigrants to participate in the presidential election of Gabon or have the oppor 小坂めぐる

The son of Chinese immigrants in Gabon or have the opportunity to win the presidential campaign map: Gabon 50 anniversary of independence parade in the original title: Chinese immigrants make boxer · or have the opportunity to win by the Gabonese President August 28th news according to U.S. media reports, is seeking re-election of President Ali Bongo of Gabon · met a former chairman of the African Union; the Committee for · (Jean Ping); flat challenges. Nationality of the opposition and Bongo is suitable for re-election challenge, the situation became tense before the election. Some analysts believe that the opposition’s main challenger, the former chairman of the African Union has half of Chinese descent to · Ping has the opportunity to win the election. Within 27 days of the presidential election only one round of ten challengers to replace the incumbent President Ali · bongo, bongo family to end nearly 50 years of rule. The election results will depend on the extent to which the Gabonese people are dissatisfied with the state of their economy. Gabon’s economy is heavily dependent on oil revenues. In the past few years, Gabon’s economy has been seriously affected by falling oil prices. Ali Bongo · the main competitors are aged 73 to · level. He is a Chinese the son of immigrants, who are old Bongo allies. Let · Ping as Minister of posts in the old Bongo government, even married his daughter to wife. Let · ping in 2014 to join the opposition camp. Jean ·, Gaspard, a campaign communications liaison officer for the ·, said Mr Tutume had a serious setback in respect of personal freedom. He said: but there are corruption, embezzlement and other issues of public funds". Over the past few weeks, the three main opposition candidates have come together to let ·. Analysts Moissi said it might be able to change the election. Let · flat in Gabon was born, his father was from Wenzhou businessman Cheng Zhiping China. Cheng Zhiping went to France in 1929 across the seas, and in 1933 it was moved to the French colony of Gabon, later married a local tribal chief’s daughter. Let · Ping had to go to France for further study, the first university of Paris, Ph.D. in economics. Let · be elected chairman of the fifty-ninth session of the general assembly of the United Nations in 2004, and was elected chairman of the AU Commission at the AU summit in 2008 at the tenth. The campaign ends next Friday. The general election will be held a day later. Election results are expected to be announced next week. (old ren)相关的主题文章: