Analysis of the big brother from the poor transformation of the first wings team 1 wegener肉芽肿

I remember from the bad brother of Wings single transition team number 1 people years ago just contact DOTA, teach me to play for my cousin dota shows a red head Guokui, a goatee, four legs holding ax strange uncle, many years later I for the hero of the dota1 era only memories. Between the "two block tower from his stand on the scourge as you soldier carriages, since I stand off the line of soldiers of the despot, oh, his name is" Brad Vaden ", commonly known as sagittarius. In October 21st DPL, IG against Shinco Ti champion wings in the game, people in CW long silence again after the return, but the people do not stand in the inferior position of single had given him to bring infinite glory, but the core position in the advantage of road. This game, although wings eventually lost, but always with this hand brother people bold and innovative famous Huguo wing, or so many viewers themselves. In fact, a long time ago, there was a number of people playing. The troops had just joined the A staff when a A staff troops have now become fashionable for a time in CW, again, people will return to what kind of attitude? Add a hero: in fact, the number one point of the wings and the general difference between the bad guys is not big, the main horse trampling and double-edged sword. The main tread and a double-edged sword ensure early control and outbreak, but also conducive to the coordination of auxiliary kill across the road and on the other side of inferior hero, inferior road hero relatively strong can increase the level of passive to ensure the suppression of each other. The trick is to ensure people escape and pursuit capacity. Into the mid and late stages, the high level of passive and double-edged sword is the horse’s brush money weapon. Heroes out of the pack: with the traditional bad guys different, shadow’s men did not bare jump knife, but chose to challenge the hood as the first big piece. People with high blood volume, increase the magic resistance and recovery challenges can provide headscarf want to be a good life, but also makes people of law damage resistance is greatly enhanced, thus becoming a more comprehensive shield. But one bit people whether a jump knife depends on teammate hero, if the team itself has sufficient control and stability of the upper hand, then jump knife for a position is not so people priority, note that if the other party has higher physical output, you can choose again a pioneer shield. Next is the dragon heart and flying shoes, flying shoes to ensure people Shuaqian efficiency and support speed, while the dragon heart is a bit of men’s quality and the essence of it. Forever dragon heart men not only meat more than one grade, the blood instantly soared to 3000+, more important is that people can not hurt the high recovery of double-edged sword soldier, with the passive, people can almost second wave of Qing Qing soldiers line, even faster than Battlefury magina. But the men can not drop blood due to the top of the tower, people can play the passive defense tower, which makes the traditional control become a hero troops advance weapon, some time ago in Europe and even developed the illusion of troops and broken line tower consumption will play, but in the subsequent update in the IMBA play will soon be modified)相关的主题文章: