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The car with eye tracking technology can not concentrate on the flame when unmanned technology is not completely reassuring, the best combination of automobile safety or human driver with intelligent semi automatic driving system. Semi automatic driving system of many car manufacturers to develop, a sensor mounted on the steering wheel, the steering wheel in the detection of user activity, if the user hands off the wheel over a certain time, the system will send an image or voice alarm. Cadillac’s latest Super Cruise semi-automatic driving technology is different from other semi-automatic driving technology, it is a kind of eye tracking technology. If the detected driver’s eyes drifting attention has not in sight be sleepy straws, driving on the Super Cruise system will use image and sound alarm to attract the attention of drivers. If the driver does not respond to this, the car’s OnStar information system will try to get in touch with the driver through the intercom. If the user still does not respond, the car will automatically stop at the roadside and flameout, until the driver’s attention back to the driver to continue to start the car. This will effectively prevent the safety hazards caused by fatigue driving. The technology will be applied to the first 2017 models of Cadillac CT6.相关的主题文章: