Domestic new outlander listed price of 15.98-22.38 million yuan (video) wegener肉芽肿

Domestic new outlander listing price 15.98-22.38 million domestic Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander officially listed in China in September 24th. The new car will be launched in advance of two kinds of displacement of a total of four models, priced at 15.98-22.38 million. Domestic Changsha interpretation SUV family outlander official line of professional quality MITSUBISHI cash in August 24, 2015 outlander official to import into the domestic sales, a year after a lapse of less than, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI official of this product will be introduced into the domestic new car, the original keep the import version of the design, the family type X face shape sharp, black with "mouth" with chrome trim edges, highlighting the movement style. The interior part, domestic outlander using a two-color interior collocation, console as a whole to the driver’s side, the new dress up new 8 inch screen, and removed some key design. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with a ECO driving mode, dual zone automatic air conditioning and electric tail door configuration. In addition, we expect the 2.0L model will use 5 layout, and 2.4L models will provide 5 or 7 optional. Power, the car will continue codenamed 4J11 2.0L naturally aspirated engine named 2.4L and 4J12 naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power 2.4L models of 169 horsepower, peak torque of 235 cattle · m, compared to the imported version adds 15 cattle · meters. Transmission, the engine will be matched with a CVT gearbox.相关的主题文章: