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A shares after the three rebound is expected to usher in a bold investment outlet layout sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money source: Yangtze daily   statistics show that nearly ten years after the National Day Rising probability of 90%, plus the external stock market rose National Day period the introduction of market regulation and control policies, institutions that, A shares are expected to usher in a rebound after the holiday. Statistics show that the performance of A shares in National Day before and after good, nearly ten years before the National Day A shares rose 8 times, down 2 times a week before the rising probability of 80%; after rising 9, down only 1 times, increases the probability of up to 90%. In the past ten years, A shares rose 6 in October, down 4 times, rising probability is 60%, of which nearly 10 years is the largest increase in October 2010, the stock index rose 12.17%; the largest decline in October 2008, was in a bear market, the stock index fell 24.63%, and hit a low of 1664 points. Many factors conducive to the market rebound Guangzhou Bandung that not only rise in the market, and vice versa, the extreme market in September so that A shares have a lower starting point on October, also let the structural rebound have a practical foundation easier to implement, but after this three aspect or directly determines the October the overall performance of the fund, on the surface, the rectification of the top of the real estate can allow the precipitation in the property market funds before the outflow in conjunction with the A shares of funds back, to alleviate the anemia of A shares of the disease; secondly, favorable policies have landed, Shenzhen Tong officially entered the countdown, the yuan in SDR are imminent the A shares have a positive effect is not small, can make public, private and foreign main institutions to increase positions through the good layout; again, even the extreme market in September, still was born as Sichuan Bismaleimide, wuchangyu, lth stage niugu. Alltronics investment market in the multiple positive impact of the festival, is expected to usher in a wave of market, mainly based on the following points: one is before the money out, after the wait-and-see, capital is expected to return; two is the third batch of PPP project will be announced, is expected to once again become a major driving force to lead the market upside; three September economic data will also be released. From the recent period, are gradually picked up, is expected to boost the market; four is the quarterly report into the intensive period of speculation, performance is expected to heat up; five is the Shenzhen Hong Kong through preheating. So in the present case, investors should do a good job selection, focusing on PPP, the results are expected to have a substantial increase in varieties, stable strategy, short-term operation. Three aspects of the layout of the layout of the investment market in October, where the air outlet tuyere, which will be the theme of the structure in the hot market in October? Guangzhou Bandung think, referring to thinking of speculation in previous years, stock investors can go to the bold layout from the three aspects: the first is three than expected quarterly results, with the end of September, three quarterly speculation will be put on the agenda of the annual report; transfer potential of the "three high" stocks, small cap stocks with high price collocation ban period comes, to send more power; the third is involved in the transfer of equity, placards, on相关的主题文章: