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The son is still not perfect point Google Pixel five big regret – Sohu digital Google officially in October 4th brought us new flagship Pixel and Pixel XL native system, different from the previous research and design of Nexus series, Google Pixel series personally responsible for the hardware, the eye before dawn. The configuration and price information can refer to Google Pixel PConline earlier article "DxO camera first release, the price than iPhone 7", although the new Pixel mobile phone to take pictures, we design a lot of surprises, but also from perfect Android flagship in our mind there are many regrets. Unfortunately, the screen is too low for Android mobile phones in recent years has been the pursuit of a very narrow frame, as well as a higher proportion of the screen. Relative to iPhone, is not a small advantage. But this year the Pixel there is no continuation of this trend, the border is not thick, but not narrow, law-abiding. The chin is a little boring. Regret: two optical image stabilization since the absence of optical image stabilization technology for nearly two or three years in a variety of flagship machine is more common, such as iPhone 6S 7 Plus, Samsung S7, HUAWEI P9 series, made a 3 and so on. The optical anti shake effect in improving the camera is also more obvious, can effectively improve the output rate and enhance the imaging effect at night. At the press conference, Google praised Pixel for having a very strong imaging ability to get the highest score of 89 points on the DXOMark website. Pixel has a good hardware foundation, the photosensitive element up to 1.55 m, that night imaging can obtain better light, but due to the absence of optical image stabilization, the piece rate may be reduced, compared to the same level of the products may be slightly less than. Sorry: three wireless charging Wireless charging is absent while there is still little chicken ribs, but in the use of spare time to do more convenient charging. Although there is no fast charging on the iPhone, but many Android flagship has been equipped with wireless charging, this point on the Pixel slightly regret. Sorry: four stereo speakers this year despite the absence of a son by HTC foundry, but it is only OEM only, HTC did not participate in the Pixel research and development of hardware design, so we can’t see some of the unique characteristics of HTC mobile phone on Pixel, such as dual speaker design. Sorry five: no iPhone waterproof function this year 7 Series on the waterproof function makes people feel slightly surprised, the original function is a very unique selling point of SONY mobile phone, then the Samsung also follow up, we can see that the function is very welcome. As a benchmark for Android, we are very willing to see Pixel has this feature. Said so much, but this does not mean that Pixel is not a good phone. Google dare in the price of the iPhone 7 series is flat or have some clout. Pixel is not perfect, but made his own.相关的主题文章: