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Would it be a bubble to share so much of the bike? Sohu technology November 17, 2016 is a busy day in the field of shared bikes. Ofo announced the entry into the city, as well as three other companies have also announced to join the "shared bicycle" war. Love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) reviews the development situation at present various shared Bicycle Companies: (data from the network from the network) disclosure of data, sharing most of the bike in the middle of the year after the completion of the financing, in addition to the ofo and the v-mobile bike had finished C round of financing, bike sharing incoming majority is in A or B round of. With the increase of incoming and shared Bicycle Concept fiery, the amount of financing from the beginning of the millions, tens of millions of yuan up to tens of millions, even billions of dollars, at the same time, the number of investors are increasing. Of course, it’s more than just sharing the bike. Yesterday, the beast riding also announced the official entry of a shared bicycle war. Riding beast announced has received B round of $150 million financing, and the financing will be mainly used in bicycle sharing independent brand Bluegogo’s riding beast (blue bike). In addition, the first video brand fast rabbit (Quick To) travel yesterday also officially launched the first lock free bike sharing, known as the world’s first non pile sharing an electric bicycle bike deer yesterday also has quietly admission, the main short trips within 10 km of the market. At present, the bike sharing area have a small yellow car, small car, small car, small blue orange green car…… Why do so many bikes want to help you solve the last mile problem? Sharing in the use of car and bicycle are similar, only the vehicle enough, the user is available everywhere, in order to form a network with the advantage of their own entrance. In April this year, v-mobile bicycle first appeared in Shanghai in August, v-mobile into Beijing, after the v-mobile continued to develop in Guangzhou and two in Shenzhen city. Ofo started from the campus market, until yesterday, ofo officially announced the entry into the city. In the earliest ofo and Mobell with cycling number, coverage of the population number, order amount, fame can be shared the big two ring bicycle, but the two giants were temporarily unable to form a dominant barrier. Bike sharing than car sharing, can be expanded rapidly by attracting drivers to join to provide the service of this practice, the early bicycle market needs to do a lot of running into the bureau to form the market scale, while covering the city is not enough, competitors can also have the opportunity to join, but with the increased competition, user snatch war will become more intense. Everyone wants to have a slice of this. From the use of a bicycle – Pricing – half an hour or half an hour to 1 piece of 5 hair, a bicycle into the bureau is not easy to recover the cost sharing in the short term, plus the user has so many colors of the bicycle can choose, prices are not at the core advantage of competition, the use of body and bicycle anti Bo相关的主题文章: