Shenzhen driver to kill his wife after her mother’s son to commit suicide 4 corpses of 5 children ag stanley博士的家2

4. Shenzhen Dutch act driver who killed 5 lives after wife mother-in-law aunt son 4 year old child witnessed the whole 14 on the morning of 9 pm, two Shenzhen Road, Longhua District Guanlan Huimin a furniture factory, took place in human tragedy: a man with a knife stabbing his wife and his wife’s sister and mother stabbed Yue. Jump Dutch act. After the incident, Longhua police rushed to the scene to intervene in the investigation. The murderer why so cruel, what hatred, can even kill (wounded) three relatives after the Dutch act? Late evening reporter rushed to the scene to visit. Burst: the man killed his wife and her sister stabbed mother-in-law after jumping from 14 PM to 2 pm Dutch act two, a road Longhua District Shenzhen City Guanlan Huimin a furniture factory, a man with a knife stabbing his wife, wife and sister stabbed his mother-in-law after jumping the news on the Internet Dutch act suddenly spread rapidly. The source said that a man suspected because of family disputes, altercation with relatives and friends, the man killed two people, stabbed a man to commit suicide after the jump, and the injured after the hospital was declared dead. The tragedy occurred, the perpetrators of four year olds in the scene, witnessed the whole process. The incident is reported in this Front Gate furniture factory of Shenzhen Longhua public security 13 06 micro-blog released: 9:59, 110 Longhua Public Security Bureau received the alarm: two road said in a furniture factory in Guanlan Huimin, a man armed with a knife stabbed to death after jumping from the three women Dutch act. After a preliminary investigation, the suspect Lee (28 years old) because of family disputes, at 9:50 Xu, holding a knife stabbed his wife Liao, Liao a sister and his mother Hemou, the suspect Lee immediately jumped to death. At present, Liao and his sister died after rescue, Hemou still in the hospital. Currently, the case is under further investigation. After that, the police in Longhua and 14 hours after the release of the police continued to report the situation: the injured Hemou died after the rescue of the death of 08. Workers about: the assailant usually very quiet night reporters rushed to the two road Longhua District Guanlan Huimin No. 27 near a Macao Guthrie furniture factory at the scene, the police here have been blocked, and the blockade line, a large number of onlookers gathered. The site has been fully blocked a man claiming to work in Australia Guthrie furniture factory workers told reporters that he was the murderer and colleagues, has worked for ten years. His face hanging tears, still seems difficult to accept this fact. According to him, the murderer surnamed Li, is the people of Hunan. Because the Macao Guthrie furniture factory is opened by his relatives, so Lee’s family and mother work in Macao Guthrie furniture factory. The general staff man for the furniture factory, usually dedicated to the production of sofa do the packaging, while his wife and the wife is the sister of the factory clerk, mainly to the factory Lara, run business. A man’s family and his mother-in-law live in a factory dormitory. The workers in the impression that Lee usually don’t talk much, but also has cultivated the ornamental and the combined plain properties, quality has always been good. "I never thought he would do such a thing, and I don’t really believe it." He said. Six相关的主题文章: