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Popular tour: 5 neglected are ugly in appearance their taste very good [Sina Game exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] every Monday popular tour and meet everyone. There are always some game looks rough, but delicious, full of games, no less than other big. This week’s excellent picture space adventure game "eternal space", a "chicken run" developers of the new "RIVE", and the dancing Rabbit Dance snake "conga master", waiting for you to experience. 1, "eternal space (EVERSPACE?)" "eternal space" release date: 2016.9.15: ROCKFISH Games game game publisher: ROCKFISH Games store page: "eternal space (EVERSPACE?)" "eternal space" is an action oriented space shooting game, the game elements into the Roguelike. Every time you fly over the galaxy, you will encounter randomly generated enemies and events, once the game fails to start from scratch. Game player can choose a variety of ways to carry out tasks, like hunting, traders hoarding supplies plot, and explore the vision, such as spacecraft wreckage and wormhole. 2, "RIVE" and "RIVE" release date: 2016.9.14 game production: Two: Two Tribes Publishing Tribes game publisher store page: "RIVE" before we should play the picture cute and clever design of the puzzle game "2" chicken run, now the developers will bring us a new the game "RIVE". Unlike the "chicken run 2" fresh style is that "RIVE" is a horizontal version of the shooting refreshing game, support 360 degree shooting game player in the game will be against the droid army. You can change the behavior of the robot by collecting and using different types of programs. The rhythm of the game is very fast! 3, "conga master (Conga Master)" "conga master" release date: 2016.9.14 game: Undercoders: Rising Star Games game publisher store page: "conga master (Conga Master)" "conga master" is a gluttonous snake works, and in the funny music dance, attracting people nearby to join you, like the rabbit dance as long queues, to join the carnival party. At the same time the game of multiplayer, a group of people dancing the funky dance, just pure music and dancing, presumably also very happy. 4, "space cleaning diary (Diaries of a Janitor)" "space cleaning diary" release time: 2016.9. Spaceport.相关的主题文章: