Why are you always in love 纪元1701

Why are you always in love? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: red Goblin me many such girls: long hair fluttering, graceful posture, beautiful. But the character is subject to changing moods, also happy one minute, one second after the pull black. But you don’t know why she will! For example: subject to changing moods I went to the supermarket yesterday, encountered this scene when the cashier counter checkout queue: a couple of small niniwaiwai row in front of me, the girl head in male bosom said: "I thirst". After listening to the boys turned away from the cashier not far from the refrigerator took a bottle of black tea to the girl. She took the ice Black Tea exclaimed: "ah! How is ice black tea! Still cool!" So she put the ice to abandon Black Tea boys. Heart tired boys took the ice Black Tea calmly said: "you don’t drink that I drink!" Suddenly, the girl said, "we’ve been dating for so long. Don’t you know I don’t drink?" How can you get me a drink?!" The boys are not a sign of weakness: "that what do you want to drink yourself." This girl can not do, began to cry: "you do not know these days I can’t drink cold period" Boys: "I don’t think it is not! The girl continued to pester: "you do not know to ask me, you do not care about me? Don’t you care about me? Do you know when the month cold drink is not good…." Then there is a pile of Balabala tearful scolding boys. The two part. I was the biggest feeling is: if the boy wants to break up with the girls, I would like to point to praise for boys! Why? Because with this girl, the man is the greatest feeling, tired! Encountered such a situation, if not dead show common girl will say: "dear, I take a drink in your help, I this time I forgave you, I don’t remember the next time you want to drink can not drink cold! Thank you!" So with a grateful heart, to give the boys a step, he will remember your preferences, will be grateful to you, this thing is not resolved! How big it is! Women are generally long not ugly, this is their capital. They are always with the people I love will understand my dream banner, with rich handsome love unconditionally wayward temper is not good to yourself, and love the piercing, lasting, they can freely make day to. But the goblins and all immersed in the dream girls say ah, men are most afraid of trouble of the animal, especially some trouble if you are of no great importance, love making trouble in what men would be of no great importance, disgusted! For example: why do I send you three messages you only give me a return? When you sleep, why not take the initiative and I said goodnight and meme Da, and with the rise to I love you more than you love me a lot of topics. Or it is born out of a pile of thousandth anniversary: what the first date on the anniversary of the first hand, memorial day, the first time the tear forced day and so on, to give them a surprise man celebrate Memorial Day, otherwise you are not)相关的主题文章: