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Wang Jianlin called for the solution of air pollution: otherwise the talent and the company are gone – Sohu news, the fourth the Bund international financial summit held in Shanghai in November 19, 2016. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin attended and delivered a speech. Wang Jianlin believes that the city by the city, business is the core value of urban development. Therefore, a city to become the center of the city must maintain its commercial prosperity, and the number of the downtown business depends on the city’s geographical location and population in addition, radiation to the surrounding city, is also very important to regional development. How to keep the value of the city, Wang Jianlin said, first of all to have a reasonable business layout, followed by a beautiful environment, in addition, the current Chinese city also faces an important problem — the air pollution. It called on the government to increase efforts to solve this problem. Before his speech, Wang Jianlin also mentioned and Ma chimera nicknamed "King Ma Ye", said the king and horses are ye. The following is the speech record: Wang Jianlin: respected chairman Guo, distinguished guests, I would like to talk about the value of the city in accordance with the theme of the meeting. I would like to briefly talk about three points: first, the city by the city hing. The city is how come? The city’s reason is controversial, and also a special city school of economics. I think the city is a city. There is a market and business boom that has brought about the expansion of the city. For example, Shanghai, Yangzhou. Yangzhou in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, because of the accumulation of salt tea trade, many businessmen are doing business there, so the formation of a large city. At its peak, Yangzhou accounted for 15 of the country’s trade, and it was impossible to find Shanghai. Later, because of the rise of shipping, we think it is more convenient to transport to Shanghai, do more business, more trade, Shanghai prosperity. In fact, cities around the world are so. Which city is known as the "world city" or the world’s central city, no doubt because of the prosperity of the business, not because of other. This is my first point of view, that is, the value of the city’s prosperity. Second, the core value of the city is commercial, commercial prosperity. 1 now commonly said that lots of good, said. What does he mean by saying that this place is "prime location" and "Diamond lot", which basically means that the land is in the core business district, so this place is good, and the land price is expensive. Of course, the residential environment is very good prices will be very high, but it will not be said that it is "Diamond lot" "core area". Shanghai’s "Diamond lot" is also a center: Huaihailu Road, Nanjing Road, three sub centers: Xujiahui (13.780, -0.08, -0.58%), Wujiaochang, etc.. The so-called center, sub center is to see the degree of business gathering, prosperity. So the city needs to be clear about its core value is to create business prosperity and maintain commercial prosperity. There is, of course, another indicator of population aggregation, which continues to flow in order to sustain business prosperity. As mentioned in the "global city". Such places as Paris, Hongkong, Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai. The core value of the city is the commercial sector. 2 urban radiation is also determined by the value of the business. A big.相关的主题文章: