Changde 99 years of primary school sister sweet freshman admission to bel popular (video) 捷安特xtc750

Changde 99 years of primary school freshman sister bel sweet admission to popular experienced military training buddies have such experience, a camouflage ugly ugly cool cool, the sun sweating, gray station square. And in this military training under the condition of Zhao Jianbing, so that the popularity of the girl was just a freshman, the girl has not yet been 18. Think about your first freshman doing it, think of yourself doing 18 Oh no without contrast is not the girl hurt today Xiangjun is to introduce the Hunan University of Arts and Science in September this year the newly enrolled students, just enter a popular accident. In the video that the military soft sweet sister "sister, I have to go to the training matrix", with two small dimples in the pure smile. For such people bel sweet pure and moving woman, a large number of straight straight women shouting you want love. Popularity is an accident, life is too boring, always want something new! I think it’s good to know more about people who are in touch with the outside world." With such a fresh effort, Zhao Jianbing enrolled in the Hunan live talent contest. Born in Hunan Changde Zhao Jianbing is a student at the Hunan University of Arts and Science, because the name of health ice and "pancake" homonym, friends love called her "pancake". Usually love to watch a TV series, listening to the difference between high school and not too big but the teacher is very interesting way to class content, with the habit of sticking to the night run, love jokes, more funny, but also very noisy. Military sister Zhao Jianbing is really a lot of college girls now have the appearance, just love to laugh girls are good luck, Yan Gao also love to laugh girls better luck. Because the Changde media platform fire star egg released video, with a sumianchaotian inadvertently captured many straight straight women. This is not 18 years old young woman in about this accident "popular", a bit surprised. "Maybe I’m still surprised. After all, I think they are very common, probably because of military uniforms plus points. Ha ha ha, there is not too realistic, it is true that some people have a good impression on me." He is the most common kind of girls just look at the beginning of the military training was interviewed on the show after the video on the "popular" for the hair? Large military training at that moment Xiangjun did not see who is going to an interview. Have to say, because they are beautiful! At first, by virtue of a sumianchaotian captured thousands of people’s heart, the photographer is not many editors want. For all the beauty of love, Zhao Jianbing himself did not think so, in fact, still not satisfied with their own words. I think I am the most common kind of girl looks, did not say anything special characteristics." Including when asked in the live competition advantage, Zhao Jian did not mention their own ice Yan values, in her opinion, his personality is more advantages of ring powder, cheerful affinity, can talk to. True Yan control is why I want to marry a foreigner in the fire egg star video, on the selection of boyfriend standard Zhao Jianbing that handsome can simply tell the voice of all female compatriots. It is very candidly said in an interview: "it is my color control!!!" Privately, Li Zhongshuo is still a fan, as a true control!相关的主题文章: