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Online "Tiangong two" selling derivatives quickly appeared this year’s Mid Autumn Festival is different in meaning, the sky is no longer the first protagonist white moon, but in my circle of friends was once Shuabing Tiangong two. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter found that many businesses use it to marketing. Tiangong two derivative products quickly "Shenzhou and Tiangong two 3D paper model, DIY puzzle hand classes, students of Aerospace Science and technology paper, toys" in a shop in Shandong, a product of about 48CM printing paper Handmade selling toys. After the success of the Mid Autumn Festival Tiangong two launch, its derivative products quickly appeared on the Internet, including the model of metal ornaments, personalized T-shirt etc.. There are businesses of their own design postcards and paintings, in the product introduction posted on their design sketches, and then allow consumers to book. Overall sales of these goods is not bad, there are already hundreds of consumers to buy. "We still focus on the successful launch of Tiangong two, so the purchase model people pretty much." A store owner introduced, many consumers feel that the model more memorable. A variety of products get ride "Tiangong two" sales and sales of each hot spot, in order to attract people’s attention, not many related and hot products also along for the ride. When the search in the shop, the reporter saw added "Tiangong two" in the words of a wood table commodity name, but there are introduction about a "Tiangong two" are not. There is an ice cream business, write in their product name and product introduction: "this product and although Tiangong two Never mind, but to celebrate the successful launch of Tiangong two, so the ice cream shop sold two pieces of clothes." Related collections at the time of purchase need to be cautious when people are bored and collect "Tiangong two" related products, there has been a lot of online souvenirs to "Tiangong two" as the design theme, there are commemorative coins, stamps, seals, the first golden key, the space China astronaut signature souvenir. To remind you that the purchase of these souvenirs need to be cautious. In a document as an example, the product description above, neither the issue of the unit, there is no issue number, is a picture, there is no specific introduction. Note: because suppliers in marked without any advance notice to change the product packaging, origin or some accessories, I shop can not ensure that customers receive the goods with my pictures, appix. The shop sold for valuables, please be sure to open their eyes in front of the courier surface inspection, or sign is no longer responsible for." It is understood that there is no appreciation of the value of souvenirs and collectibles, issued by the unit, circulation, culture, history, meaning and many other factors, so be careful to buy. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter   Deng Lijing相关的主题文章: