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The United States and Russia reached a new cease-fire agreement in Syria ready to comply with the Syrian President in September 9th in Geneva, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (in) giving vodka to reporters. Xinhua News Agency U.S. Secretary of state John · Kerrey and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov · 10, the new Syria ceasefire agreement. The two sides promised that if the ceasefire agreement was successfully implemented, will strengthen military cooperation, jointly combat the extremist forces in Syria. The latest talks and extremist organizations to draw a line of Kerrey and Lavrov in Geneva on the Syria issue from the beginning of the 9 day at 9:30 in the morning, 10 days after the agreement reached zero. A new ceasefire agreement will take effect after sunset on 12, so that the humanitarian aid arrived in Syria, a long siege of the town. Russia’s commitment, urged the government of Syria to stop military action the Syrian opposition to specific regions of the United States asked Syria to "moderate" and "conquering the opposition front and other extremist organization boundaries. If the protocol can be implemented for 7 days in Syria, the United States and Russia will strengthen military cooperation, including information sharing and coordinating the fight against extremist organizations. The Associated Press reported that at that time, the government of Syria in the air and ground forces will not be allowed to "conquer the front" as the goal to launch a crackdown on its military operations, will be limited, mainly for extremist organization Islamic state". "Conquest front" formerly known as the "support front", in the mountains of Syria Syrian opposition armed, it is one of the most powerful forces. In 2013, the "conquest front" announced allegiance to Al Qaeda, the latter branch in Syria. In July this year, the conquest of the front from the base, so as not to continue to be Russia and the United States and its allies air strikes. Russia has repeatedly accused the United States to provide funding and military assistance to the opposition front of the Syria. After the announcement of the ceasefire agreement, Kerrey said, wise Syria opposition should be completely cut off with the conquest front, this statement was welcomed by the president of Lavrov. The president, who is prepared to abide by the ceasefire agreement, said the agreement could be a "turning point" in resolving the conflict in Syria if both the Bashar administration and the Syria opposition could abide by the agreement". "Today, the United States and Russia announced a plan aimed at reducing violence and suffering, and restarting negotiations to reach a peace and political solution in Syria." Kerrey said, if the Syrian government and the opposition are to fulfill their responsibilities, it (ceasefire agreement) will be able to stick to it." He told reporters, in order to reach the ceasefire agreement, the United States paid an extra effort. The United States believes that Russia can put pressure on the Bashar administration to stop the war, to return to the negotiating table. Lavrov agreed that the ceasefire agreement will help the fight against terrorism and humanitarian assistance to Syria. Bashar, President of Syria, ·, has been informed of the ceasefire agreement and is prepared to comply with the rules of the. Lavrov said that despite the problems, we still reached a package of documents…… All this has created conditions for a return to the political process". The U.S. defense secretary expressed cautious support for the latest ceasefire. Five Corner Society相关的主题文章: