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The Ministry of foreign affairs in the United States: the establishment of the RMB clearing bank transactions more convenient – Sohu news Q: according to reports, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on the 21, there are 60 countries with the "Paris agreement" approved by the book, he is confident about the entry into force of the agreement before the end of 2016. What is China’s comment on this? A: the issue of climate change is a common challenge for human beings, which needs to be solved by the international community. End of last year reached the Paris agreement for the next phase of global cooperation to address climate change clear direction. As a responsible developing country, China has actively participated in the multilateral process of tackling climate change and made a positive contribution to the achievement of the Paris agreement. Not long ago, in the direction of the United Nations officially submitted the letter of approval to participate in the "Paris agreement", made a solemn commitment to the new. China welcomes more countries to participate in the agreement, with practical efforts to promote the early entry into force of the agreement. China is willing to continue to maintain communication and cooperation with all parties to promote the effective implementation of the agreement, the agreement to promote the follow-up negotiations to promote international efforts to respond to climate change. Q: we know, recently, Congo (gold) the capital Kinshasa riots escalated, causing many casualties, and some shops were robbed of Chinese. Yesterday, the United Nations Security Council also discussed the situation in Congo (DRC). What is China’s comment on the current situation of Congo (DRC)? Do you have a security alert? A: China has taken note of the development of Congo (DRC). We welcome the political forces of Congo (DRC) to actively promote inclusive political dialogue across the country. We support the relevant parties in Congo (DRC) through dialogue and consultation and other peaceful means to express their aspirations, to resolve differences, I hope the parties concerned to jointly safeguard the country’s hard-earned peace and stability. In the recent riots in Kinshasa, some China shops robbed, and there are some China trapped citizens. After the incident, we attach great importance to. China has asked the Congo (DRC) government to punish the perpetrators and take effective measures to protect the personal and property safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and enterprises in Congo. We in Congo (DRC) embassy has coordinated local police departments to actively rescue the trapped compatriots. At present, trapped compatriots in safety. The Ministry of foreign affairs and the Embassy in Congo (DRC) has issued a reminder to require Chinese citizens to go to Congo in the near future (Kim), local Chinese citizens should strengthen security, and as soon as possible to move to safety zone.相关的主题文章: