Old boy hawkbill extraction, South Korean director of realistic violence 法拉利599gto

"Old boy": hawkbill extraction, South Korean director of realistic violence his "old boy", 2003 frames 300th, this moment from the "old boy", Wu Daxiu (Cui Minzhi ornaments) by special prisoner Gang caught mouth was open, his brother gang to pull out the teeth, at this time, Wu Daxiu suddenly issued the beast laughter. Wu overhaul was originally a ordinary person, love drinking trouble, on a rainy night, he was mysteriously kidnapped, was locked up in a room, a pass for 15 years. Wu overhaul angry and helpless, in 15 years of crazy boxing, he vowed to avenge himself imprisoned. After that, he was inexplicably release, met in the sushi shop beautiful girl beautiful road, the two quickly fell in love with each other. Wu Daxiu began to investigate, so that he did not expect that his own enemy initiative, he must find out the motives of the other party within 5 days. Wu overhaul step by step into the trap of each other. "Old boy" is representative of the South Korean director Park Chan wook, full of violence and sex in the United States, was named R. Live octopus, hawkbill extractions, acupuncture back, broken hand, throat, tongue disc shears…… These violent elements give the audience a strong sense of stimulation. This film won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Award, ranked sixty-sixth in the IMDB.相关的主题文章: