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College students have been sent to the courier company internship school said rectification and responsibility according to the official website of Shaanxi College of Communication Technology, Shaanxi College of Communication Technology issued 20 "on our college students in the internship rhyme description of the situation", "" said, Xi’an Yunda Express Limited company without the consent of the Shaanxi College of Communication Technology, the hospital internship arrangements the students all day long Post Courier sorting work, the hospital has been terminated and internship internship agreement enterprises, students have all come back. The hospital will set up a working group, investigation and management loopholes, the development of corrective measures to seriously deal with the relevant responsible units and responsible persons. The full text is as follows: Recently, some news media reported that some of the students of our Institute of economics and management in Xi’an Yun Da Express Co., ltd.. I attach great importance to the hospital, immediately decided to terminate the investigation, and practice the enterprise agreement, November 18th afternoon in Xi’an Yunda express company internship students have all been to school. In October 19th, our hospital and Xi’an rhyme Express Co., Ltd. signed an agreement in the internship management professional road transport, 250 people to the enterprise to practice professional transportation and distribution agreement in November 12-23 jcp. The evening of November 11th, a total of 247 road transport management students to enter the enterprise internship. In accordance with the agreement, the student practice in accordance with the theory of half a day to learn every day (corporate culture, operating procedures, safety education, etc.), the way the experience of half a day. 12-13 according to the agreement practice. 14-15, Xi’an Yunda Express Company Limited in the hospital without my consent, I arrange internship students engaged in courier work all day long in sorting. 16-17 continue to carry out the internship agreement. 18 days in our hospital early termination and internship internship agreement of enterprises, in the afternoon practice students all back to school. The problems of the practice of our college students, its reason: one is our hospital to the occupation school related students internship management regulations province study is not thorough, the implementation is not strict; two is the organization of work practice of School of economics and management, meticulous management is not in place, the competent work of the Institute of supervision; three of the students is the propaganda policy and education mobilization coordination service is not in place, not solid, not timely communication and feedback. Our hospital is working with the Xi’an Yunda Express Co., active consultation, required in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state for students due to labor remuneration, and earnestly safeguard the interests of students. The evening of November 19th, I held a party committee meeting, decided to set up a working group, investigation and management loopholes, develop corrective measures to seriously deal with the responsible units and persons responsible for strengthening the practice teaching work; inspection and guidance, improve and implement the system of management, to prevent similar incidents from happening again; the subsequent teaching activities properly arrange the related students, to ensure that personnel training quality. I will learn a lesson, giving top priority to ensure that similar problems do not occur. Heartfelt thanks to the news media and the community’s concern and supervision of our work, the relevant investigation and handling of the situation we will promptly announced. Shaanxi College of Communication Technology, 2016 11!相关的主题文章: