In the sleeves of a school in Pujiang Han ancient apprentice ceremony school restoration caxa实体设计

In the sleeves of a school in Pujiang Han ancient restoration school apprentice ceremony on September 14th afternoon, Jinhua Pujiang county Huang Town Center Primary School held a special mentoring ceremony. The new teachers dressed in elegant traditional Hanfu, the restoration of the ancient masters apprentice ceremony, as in "six shuxiu". Wide suit big sleeve, one face is solemn, just enter the teachers "disciples" dressed in Chinese clothes, to master for the traditional apprentice ceremony. It is understood that the apprentice ceremony is divided into four parts. The disciples of first line chefs Yi Li: worship for the teachers to train two times; hard work and academic success; three worship together to create success. Subsequently, the new teachers to master hands as apprentice (equivalent to the current post resume). Third links is the apprentice ceremony climax to the master apprentice — in "shuxiu six", namely "six shuxiu". Send message celery studious, send lotus master painstaking education moral understanding, moral has sent red beans with unchanging devotion to the motherland to the education Chuai, send dates meaning as soon as possible to become a good teacher, to accomplish the task of teaching the longan moral education, send dry lean meat, thank you heart disciple expression. The end of the ceremony, the disciples with hands salute fengcha masters QianZiWen calligraphy "return" and "mind" and think, "Dickens wrote" master mind "message" to encourage new teachers to practice basic skills, accumulate experience from daily reflection, was great progress. Pujiang county Huang Town Center Primary School Principals Lou Chunhong said, "no," is the ancient tradition of the school by reducing the "six" to thank the teachers for new teachers’ guidance and cultivation. The school is the oldest teacher in Huangpu Yan teacher also praised the new teachers "very hard", "new people’s gift ideas, ideas, is to pay attention to the traditional culture and heritage."

身着大袖汉服 浦江一学校古代拜师礼校复原9月14日下午,金华浦江县黄宅镇中心小学举行了一场特殊的师徒结对仪式。新教师们身着飘逸的传统汉服,复原古代拜师礼,为师傅们奉上“束脩六礼”。宽服大袖,一脸庄重,刚步入教师队伍的“徒弟们”身着汉服,向师傅们行起传统拜师礼。据了解,整个拜师礼节分为四个环节。徒弟们首先对师傅们行揖礼:一拜感谢老师悉心培养;二拜勤奋努力、学业有成;三拜携手共进,共创佳绩。随后,新教师给师傅们双手奉送拜师帖(相当于现在的简历)。第三个环节是整个拜师礼的高潮–徒弟给师傅奉上“束脩六礼”,即上“束脩六礼”。即送芹菜寓意勤奋好学,送莲子寓意理解师傅的苦心教育,送红豆寓意对教育事业揣有一颗红心,送枣子寓意早日成为一名优秀的教师,送桂圆寓意圆满完成各项教育教学任务,送干瘦肉条表达弟子心意、感谢师恩。仪式最后,则由弟子行礼作揖双手奉茶,师傅们回赠《千字文书法字帖》和《勤思记》,并在《勤思记》上写下“师傅寄语”,以此鼓励新教师们练好基本功,从日常的反思中积累点滴经验,获得长足进步。浦江县黄宅镇中心小学校长楼春红表示,“束修六礼”是古代的传统,学校通过还原“六礼”来感谢老教师对新教师的指导和栽培。学校最年长的师傅黄浦艳老师也称赞新教师们“很用心”,“新人们的礼物有新意、有想法,是对传统文化的重视和传承。”相关的主题文章: