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The people of Haikou shoes online shopping cheated more than 50 thousand yuan, the police are investigating the "female rookie" online shopping shoes in the way "customer service" cheated 50 thousand yuan Haikou police have accepted the case is further investigation. Reporter Wang Denghai Hainan special zone daily news online shopping more convenient, patrons can buy your favorite items, but may not shopping to be deceived, Wu Haikou people is so. In a shopping, Ms. Wu could not contact Taobao shop shop customer service, not online shopping. She searched a telephone called Taobao customer service personnel on the Internet, and the result was cheated nearly 60 thousand yuan by the other party. Ms. Wu said that in March 15th of this year, she saw a pair of shoes on Taobao and was going to buy it. In order to further understand the quality of the shoes, size and other conditions, the same night, she contacted Taobao network service for many times, and did not get a reply. The next day, Ms. Wu, who was still not connected to Taobao’s shop, was very puzzled. "Why do they ignore me?" Ms. Wu said that before this, she rarely bought things on the Internet and was not very familiar with the computer. Later, Ms. Wu asked a netizen, and the netizen could not speak of it, so she was asked to find Taobao customer service phone on the Internet. Ms. Wu searched a number of phone calls on the Internet. "I had a few calls, and they didn’t pay much attention to me." Finally, Ms. Wu found a telephone number belonging to Beijing, which he called "Taobao customer service personnel". Thought to contact the Taobao customer service ", to buy the right shoes, not right online shopping Wu never expected, this is from the Internet to search the phone, let her step into the puzzle of fraud. On the phone, the other side told Ms. Wu that the reason why Taobao customer service ignored her was that she was not a member of Taobao VIP. After becoming a VIP member, they didn’t dare to ignore you, otherwise they would deduct their deposit. The other side said in the phone that the VIP members should pay a certain deposit, and the deposit will be returned. Ms Wu for gospel truth a bank card number, tell each other, each other in accordance with guidelines, give a name for Wu Moumou account transfer money, in the process of transferring money to each other, hang up the phone. "After a few minutes, he came back again." Ms. Wu said that the other side reproached her on the phone, because the phone was suspended, the card number was frozen, unable to continue the operation and need to change a bank card. In order to become a Taobao VIP and a smooth online shopping, Ms. Wu has to use another bank card for the so-called VIP members. This time the other side through the remote operation of Ms. Wu’s computer to deal with. In the handling of the process, the other to hang up the phone said repeat the stock tricks, bank card is frozen, asked Ms. Wu to the bank to transfer money as a deposit for VIP membership card. Ms. Wu said, she did not realize that this is a hoax, then took the bank card to the bank to transfer money in the process, but fortunately was the bank staff found and stopped, but when her 3 bank cards have been a liar cheated 58373.23 yuan. Later, Ms. Wu reported to the Haikou white dragon police station. At present, the police have accepted the case and are conducting further investigations. How to prevent the fraud of telecom network? Danzhou city is listed as a key area in last year’s inter ministerial Joint Conference on cracking down on Governance and telecommunications network. Over the past year, a large number of manpower and material resources have been dispatched by Danzhou police. A total of 841 suspects have been arrested, 298 of them have been arrested, 297 cases have been cracked up, and more than 1000 yuan has been seized and frozen. According to the Danzhou police, Danzhou telecom network model of crime began in early 2006, beginning with the QQ winning information from fraud, from 2007 to early 2009, telecommunications fraud is still dominated by false winning fraud in 2010, and after the change of ticket refund fraud, posing as a television variety show column group, improve the credit card fraud and fraud Alipay Taobao, shopping fraud etc.. At present mainly to change the ticket back and winning information mainly fraud. The police teach you how to prevent telecom network fraud – 1. The ticket change (1) call the 114 number of know-all get airline official customer service calls, contact the official customer service to confirm flight information. At the same time, the official website of the airline is logged in according to the official customer service, and the flight information is checked in. Cancellation of flights, airlines generally do not charge fees to the passengers change. (2) change business through ATM teller machines, Internet banking fraud is the way for. (3) if need to change ticket counter, the airline counter preferred agents, self-service terminal change, change, change, avoid the phone mobile phone network change. 2. Impersonate the TV station variety show column group (1) all the strange short message, website link that contains the prize information, the website link do not believe, direct "delete"! (2) all the award procedures operated by the ATM access machine are all fraudulent. (3) any web site that provides a bank account is a fraud. 3. To improve the amount of bank card, Alipay (1) call the bank card on the official customer service phone, SMS content and confirmation. (2) to ask for bank card information and dynamic verification code are fraudulent. (3) to improve the bank card amount must be handled through the bank counter.

海口市民网购鞋子被骗5万多元 警方正展开调查   “女菜鸟”网购鞋子着了道被“客服”骗走5万多元   海口警方已受理该案,正在展开进一步调查   □记者 王登海   海南特区报讯 网络购物越来越便捷,足不出户就可买到心仪的物品,但不会购物可能会上当受骗,海口市民吴女士就是如此。在一次购物中,吴女士联系不到淘宝网商铺客服,不会正确网购的她,在网上搜到了一个自称“淘宝客服人员”的电话,结果被对方骗了近6万元。   吴女士介绍,今年3月15日,她在淘宝上看上了一双鞋子,打算购买。为进一步了解鞋子的质量、尺寸等状况,当天晚上,她跟淘宝网商铺客服联系了多次后,都没有得到回复。次日,依旧没有联系到淘宝网商铺客服的吴女士非常纳闷。“为什么他们都不理我呢?”吴女士说,在这之前,她很少在网上购买东西,对电脑也不是很熟悉。   随后,吴女士向一名网友请教,该网友也说不出一个所以然来,只让她在网上找到淘宝客服电话,打电话询问。吴女士在网上搜了几个电话,“打了几个电话,他们都不怎么理我。”最后,吴女士搜到了一个归属地为北京的电话号码,对方自称“淘宝客服人员”。   原以为联系到“淘宝客服”后,能够购买到心仪的鞋子,不会正确网购的吴女士万万没有料到,就是这个从网上搜索到的电话,让她一步一步陷入了诈骗的迷局。在电话中,对方告诉吴女士,之所以“淘宝客服”不理会她,是因为她不是淘宝VIP会员,“成了VIP会员后,他们不敢不理你,否则会扣他们的押金。”对方在电话中说,办理VIP会员要交纳一定的押金,办好后会把押金如数返还。吴女士信以为真,将一张银行卡卡号告诉对方,按照对方的指引,给一个户名为吴某某的账户转钱,就在转钱的过程中,对方挂断了电话。“过了几分钟后,他又打了过来。”吴女士说,对方在电话中责备她,由于挂断了电话,导致卡号被冻结,无法继续操作,需要换一张银行卡办理。   为了成为淘宝VIP并顺利网购,吴女士只好用另外一张银行卡办理所谓的VIP会员。这一次对方通过远程操作吴女士的电脑来办理。在办理的过程中,对方故伎重演,挂断了电话称银行卡被冻结了,要求吴女士到银行转钱作为押金办理VIP会员卡。   吴女士说,她当时并没有意识到这是骗局,随后便拿着银行卡到银行继续转钱,在这个过程中幸好被银行工作人员发现并及时制止,但当时她的3张银行卡已被骗子骗走58373.23元。   随后,吴女士向海口白龙派出所报案,目前,警方已受理该案,正展开进一步的调查。   警方支招   如何预防电信网络诈骗   儋州市由于诈骗案件多发,在去年的全国打击治理电信网络新型违法犯罪工作部际联席会议上被列为重点整治地区。这一年多以来,儋州警方出动大量人力、物力,共抓获犯罪嫌疑人841名,刑拘犯罪嫌疑人298名,侦破案件297起,缴获、冻结赃款1000余万元。据儋州警方介绍,儋州电信网络新型违法犯罪始于2006年初,起初以QQ中奖信息诈骗取为主,2007年至2009年初,电信诈骗犯罪仍以虚假中奖诈骗为主,2010年以后又出现机票退改签诈骗、冒充电视台综艺节目栏目组诈骗、提高信用卡及支付宝额度诈骗、淘宝购物诈骗等。目前主要还是以机票退改签及中奖信息诈骗为主。警方教您如何预防电信网络诈骗——   1。机票改签   (1)拨打114号码百事通获取航空公司官方客服电话,联系官方客服确认航班信息。同时,根据官方客服提供网址登录航空公司官方网站,登录查询航班信息。航班取消,航空公司一般不会向旅客收取改签费用。   (2)改签业务通过ATM存取款机、网上银行方式办理的都是诈骗。   (3)如需改签机票首选代理商柜台、航空公司专柜、自助值机终端进行改签,避免电话改签、手机改签、网络改签。   2。冒充电视台综艺节目栏目组   (1)凡是含有中奖信息的陌生短信、网站链接绝不相信,直接“删”!   (2)凡是通过ATM存取款机方式操作的领奖程序都是诈骗。   (3)凡是提供银行账号的中奖网站都是诈骗。   3。提高银行卡、支付宝额度   (1)拨打银行卡上的官方客服电话,确认短信内容真假。   (2)索要银行卡信息和动态验证码的都是诈骗。   (3)提高银行卡额度务必通过银行柜台办理。相关的主题文章: