Qualcomm wireless care program release mobile heart health project white paper-naughty怎么读

Qualcomm wireless care plan issued a "white paper heart moving heart health" project is one of the busiest in the organs of the human body is the most important, to beat about 100 thousand times a day, the output of the blood in the vessel through a distance of about 96 thousand km, as we deliver oxygen and nutrients, to ensure the normal operation of the body. But do you know? Cardiovascular disease is becoming the number one health killer in the world. The WHO reports that one of the three deaths in the world has died of cardiovascular disease. In China, cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, heart failure and arrhythmia have become the main causes of death for residents. They kill about 2 million 600 thousand people every year. This data is expected to increase to 4 million in 2020. Nowadays, the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular disease in China are still rising. The need for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease aggravates the burden of the medical system, which is particularly serious in the rural areas where medical resources are scarce. The world heart day, 2016 Qualcomm? "Wireless love program officially released" white paper "mobile heart health, research data and empirical research on" mobile heart health "project based on the positive role of inquiry for mobile technology in developed areas and remote ECG monitoring in cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment play. We found that advanced mobile technology not only brings business opportunities for many industries, but also creates many possibilities for solving social problems and improving the quality of people’s life. "Mobile heart health" project to help rural areas for cardiovascular disease prevention and control in rural areas to help doctors better China cardiovascular disease prevention and control, Qualcomm wireless reach plan to join the central defender Laikang technology development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. launched "mobile heart health" project in 2011, the rural clinic medical service personnel, to provide intelligent ECG sensor mobile phone Laikang development centre. The mobile phone is loaded with Qualcomm CPU and is loaded with an electronic medical record application suite. Medical staff use ECG sensing intelligent ECG data acquisition of mobile phone in the autumn of 2015, a team of experts "Qualcomm wireless care program, and Vital Wave composed of Laikang centre, for about 600 medical personnel to participate in the" moving heart health "project to carry out research, to understand their use of intelligent mobile phone sensing ECG patients experience. The mobile heart health white paper shows that the medical staff in the rural area are satisfied with the ECG sensing smart phone, and think that the use of smart phone significantly improves their diagnosis and treatment level and the efficiency of medical data management. The main findings of the survey include:? Medical personnel can carry ECG sensing intelligent mobile phone visits, increase in remote areas of the patients with cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment opportunities; provide? Laikang call center remote diagnosis centre services to improve rural medical personnel’s diagnosis accuracy, enhance the medical treatment confidence; ECG sensor intelligent mobile phone? Can effectively reduce the cost of screening and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, reduce cardiovascular disease caused by medical burden; for patients, using intelligent mobile phone sensing ECG screening ECG average cost is far lower than using the conventional twelve lead ecg. Mobile technology based ECG monitoring has improved the rural medical service in China. Xinzhuang village community clinic in Shanghe County of Shandong province is one of the clinics benefiting from mobile heart health project. After joining the mobile heart health project, the clinics and nurses daily used ECG sensing smart phone to monitor ECG for 10 to 15 cardiovascular patients. These cardiovascular patients account for about 20% of the total daily patients. The clinic staff surveyed believe that another major feature of the project is the professional medical advice from defender Laikang call center specialist. "We itself is not a cardiologist, experts call center Laikang defender can help us make a more accurate diagnosis. In this way, our clinic’s patients can get the advice of experts from Beijing without leaving home, which fundamentally improves our ability to treat patients with cardiovascular disease. "Mobile heart health project carried out in five years, has more than 600 community health service centers and clinics use ECG intelligent sensor to inspect the mobile phone with the defender and Laikang call center for remote consultation experts. Up to now, 160 thousand patients from 21 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government have benefited from the "mobile heart health" program. Medical staff use ECG smart sensor to check ECG data together with patients. Mobile technology creates effective influence. China has more than 1 billion 300 million mobile phone users — almost everyone owns a cell phone. Mobile terminals and mobile Internet are everywhere, which means that at all levels of economy and society, mobile technology has become an important force to achieve innovation and promote progress. Qualcomm firmly believes that mobile technology can create value, bring real influence while expanding the business area, and promote social development and progress. Through the "wireless care" plan, Qualcomm brings mobile technology to underdeveloped communities all over the world, actively cooperate with local organizations, and use innovative technology solutions to promote social development. Over the years, the project of wireless concern has involved many aspects, such as supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, assisting public safety, improving medical services, enriching teaching experience and promoting sustainable development of environment. 2016 is the tenth year of Qualcomm wireless care program landing in China. Many wireless care projects vividly explain how Qualcomm applies transformational technology to China. In Chinese, wireless reach plan to join the local organization, to the twenty-first Century information in remote areas of teaching technology, using mobile technology transfer to Chinese family road safety information, explore mobile health solutions to help improve medical resources and influence, increasing women’s access to medical information and the deployment of mobile services broadband technology opportunities. Up to now, the wireless care program has launched 15 projects in China, and has more than 50 project partners, directly or indirectly benefiting nearly one million Chinese people.

Qualcomm无线关爱计划发布“移动心健康”项目白皮书   心脏是人体中最繁忙也是最重要的器官之一,每天要跳动约10万次,所输出的血液在血管中穿行约9.6万公里的距离,为我们运送氧气和营养物质,保证身体的正常运行。   但是你知道吗?心血管疾病正成为全世界的头号健康杀手。世界卫生组织的报告显示,全球每三例死亡中,就有一例死于心血管疾病。在中国,冠心病、心衰竭、心律不齐等心血管疾病已经成为居民的主要死亡原因,每年夺去约260万人的生命,这一数据到2020年预计会增加至400万人。   现如今,中国心血管疾病的发病率和死亡率仍在不断上升。心血管疾病在预防和诊疗上的需求,加重了医疗系统的负担,而这种情况对医疗资源匮乏的农村地区影响尤为严重。   2016年世界心脏日,Qualcomm? “无线关爱”计划正式发布《移动心健康白皮书》,基于对“移动心健康”项目的调研数据和实证研究,探究移动技术对欠发达地区心电监测和远程心血管疾病诊疗所起到的积极作用。我们发现,先进的移动技术不但为诸多行业带来商机,更为解决社会难题、提升人民生活质量创造众多可能。   “移动心健康”项目帮助农村地区进行心血管疾病防控   为帮助中国农村地区医生更好地进行心血管疾病防控,Qualcomm “无线关爱”计划携手中卫莱康科技发展(北京)有限公司于2011年推出“移动心健康”项目,面向农村诊所的医疗服务人员,提供中卫莱康开发的心电图传感智能手机。该手机搭载Qualcomm骁龙处理器,并装载有电子病历应用程序套件。    医务人员使用心电图传感智能手机采集患者的心电数据   2015年秋, Qualcomm“无线关爱”计划、中卫莱康及Vital Wave组成的专家团队,针对参与“移动心健康”项目的约600位医务人员开展调研,以了解他们使用心电图传感智能手机诊疗病人的体验。   《移动心健康白皮书》显示,农村地区医务人员对心电图传感智能手机感到满意,认为智能手机的使用显著提高了他们的诊疗水平和医疗数据管理效率。调查的主要发现还包括:   ? 医护人员可以携带心电图传感智能手机出诊,增加了边远地区患者获得心血管病诊疗的机会;   ? 中卫莱康呼叫中心提供的远程诊断咨询服务提升农村医务人员的诊断的准确性,增强了医护人员的诊疗信心;   ? 心电图传感智能手机能有效降低心血管病筛查和诊断成本,减轻心血管疾病带来的医疗负担;对患者而言,使用心电图传感智能手机进行心电图筛查的平均费用远低于使用传统十二导联心电图机。   基于移动技术的心电监测,改善中国农村医疗服务   山东省商河县辛庄村社区诊所是受益于“移动心健康”项目的诊所之一。加入“移动心健康”项目后,诊所医护人员每天会利用心电图传感智能手机为10至15位心血管病患者进行心电监测,这些心血管病患者占诊所每天患者总数的20%左右。   该诊所受访的医护人员认为,项目的另一大特色则是来自中卫莱康呼叫中心专家的专业诊疗建议。 “我们本身不是心脏专家,中卫莱康呼叫中心的专家能够帮助我们做出更准确的诊断。这样,我们诊所的患者们足不出户便能获得北京专家的建议,这从根本上提升了我们治疗心血管病患者的能力。”   “移动心健康”项目开展五年来,已有600逾家社区卫生服务中心和诊所使用心电图传感智能手机对患者进行检查,并与中卫莱康呼叫中心专家进行远程会诊。截至目前,已有来自全国21个省份和直辖市的16万名患者在“移动心健康”项目中受益。 医务人员使用心电图智能传感手机与患者一同查阅心电图数据   移动技术创造切实影响力   中国有超过13亿手机用户——几乎每人都拥有一部手机。 移动终端和移动互联网无处不在,这意味着,在经济和社会的各个层面,移动技术都已成为实现创新和推动进步的重要力量。   Qualcomm坚信,移动技术可以创造价值,在拓展业务领域的同时带来切实影响力,推动社会发展和进步。 通过“无线关爱”计划,Qualcomm将移动技术带到全球各地欠发达社区,积极与当地组织开展合作,利用创新的技术解决方案推动社会发展。多年来,“无线关爱”计划开展的项目涉及扶持创新创业、辅助公共安全、改善医疗服务、丰富教学体验和推动环境可持续发展等多个方面。   2016年是Qualcomm“无线关爱”计划落地中国的第十年, 众多“无线关爱”项目生动诠释了Qualcomm如何将变革性技术应用到中国。在中国, “无线关爱”计划携手本地组织,为边远地区的教师带去二十一世纪信息化的教学技术,利用移动技术向中国家庭传递重要的道路安全信息,探索移动健康解决方案以帮助提升医疗资源的可及性和影响力,部署移动宽带技术增加女性获取医疗信息和服务的机会。截至目前,“无线关爱”计划在中国已开展15个项目,拥有50余个项目合作伙伴,直接或间接惠及近百万中国民众。相关的主题文章: