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Xi Jinping published a signed article – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing in November 16, November 16th in the Ecuador media, in the state of the Republic of Ecuador, the eve of the visit, President Xi Jinping in Ecuador "the Telegraph" published an article entitled "building with friendly cooperation" signed article bridge. The article is as follows: new People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping el of friendly cooperation in building the invitation of President Correa, I will pay a state visit to Ecuador. This is the first visit to China since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Ecuador. I come with the good wishes of the Chinese people and the good wishes of developing bilateral relations and look forward to building a new bridge of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. Ecuador is the first stop of my trip to Latin america. "The beautiful country" fascinating. Here are the towering Andes Mountains, vast and mysterious, rich and beautiful Amazon rainforest along the Pacific coast, "living museum" in Galapagos Islands. The people of Ecuador live in harmony with nature and pursue a better life. "Unwill, not far to the mountain." China and Ecuador, though separated by oceans, but we will be closely linked to the ties of friendship. In April this year, Ecuador suffered a severe earthquake disaster. In the face of sudden disaster, the government and people of Chinese empathy, first time has provided assistance to the government and people of Ecuador. Side by side, hand in hand with the local people in Ecuador and overseas Chinese funded enterprises, joint relief, wrote in the Ecuadorian friendly new hymn. I am pleased to learn that in the earthquake relief, the Chinese enterprises to provide equipment technology and is responsible for the construction of Ecuador public security service system has played an important role. As the command center, the Ecuador public security service system has handled a large amount of information efficiently, issued a series of instructions in time, saved many lives and reduced the loss caused by the disaster. As a sincere friend of Ecuador, we will actively participate in post disaster reconstruction, to help people rebuild their homes as soon as possible, as soon as possible to restore a quiet and beautiful life. China and Ecuador are developing countries with similar historical experiences and common goals. Over the past 36 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, we have understood and supported each other and helped each other. We have accumulated profound political trust and friendship. China will firmly support the people of Ecuador to explore the road of development suited to their national conditions, the support for Ecuador economic diversification development efforts, support Ecuador play a positive role in international and regional affairs. China has always viewed and developed relations with Ecuador from a strategic and long-term perspective. In January 2015, President Correa and I announced the establishment of a strategic partnership between the two countries, the political trust and strategic cooperation between the two countries has gained a new strong momentum. At present, mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields of the two countries has been fruitful, showing a wide range, wide range, large-scale characteristics. Bilateral trade exchanges continued rapid development, China has become the third largest trading partner of Ecuador. In 2015, bilateral trade volume reached $4 billion 100 million, 10 times in the past two years, and still has a huge potential.相关的主题文章: