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Myitkyina last China expedition life – China News Agency in Myitkyina in November 13 new network news agency Xinhua: Myitkyina last Chinese expedition in late life reporter Zhang Dan just after the rainy season, Burma Myitkyina morning cold dew. The 94 year old Li Guangdian wearing a thin coat, walked slowly home. Every morning and evening walk 3 kilometers, has become his habit, regardless of the weather. The two storey building with a pale blue bronzing floor of the simple antithetical couplet, the living room, Li Guangdian and the children were having breakfast, happy and easy, only hanging on the wall behind the Li Guangdian medal pennants and scars, beckons him blood and fire mingled in the past. Li Guangdian’s home at more than 1 thousand km from Myitkyina Chinese Yunnan province Xuanwei City, in his memory, that is the most populous city. During World War II, the Japanese army invaded Chinese reached the Xuanwei, just graduated from junior high school students meet with him to join the army. Shortly after the 71 become the Kuomintang army 28 division 83 regiment 2 battalion 82 gun platoon. That year, he was 17 years old. 1944 expeditionary army offensive, Li Guangdian unfortunately wounded in Longling Huangcaoba army, after the Japanese surrender removed Burma, ddr. A life is very difficult, he by helping people to repair the bridge, dig a jade, in the local married. 70 years passed and now the Li Guangdian lean, tough, indifferent and quiet. A vegetarian, walking, watching the war piece is his hobby. With his family is his greatest happiness, four children have their own career, including the three daughters settled in Taiwan, the eldest son of a common life with him. Grandchildren have grown up. Lee Li Guangdian is also the smallest hair can be the most favored grandson, Grandpa grew up listening to the story he grew up over 20 years of age, the living room cabinets filled with all kinds of basketball trophies he won the most proud of is the all Burma basketball game MVP. "Grandpa wanted me to be better at basketball." This was wearing basketball vests, and the cage base (Burma clothing) the boy told reporters, Li Guangdian had a desire to return to their homes, unchanged for many years. Li Guangdian said, 70 years, had returned home for the three time. Is the first time in 1990, and his wife secretly go back, do not want to mention their own identity, did not want his wife suddenly died, he only took his wife’s ashes back sadly Burma; the second was in 2009, in a group of people love to help the next Xuanwei home for 8 days, but hinder the process a lot; the third was in 2015, invited to visit, the road. Return to the road more smoothly, the old age has not been long Laughton. Li Guangdian said, to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the war, the Chinese government had invited him to participate in the commemoration of Beijing, but in view of the physical condition failed to take place. "But I really want to go in my heart!" According to incomplete statistics, due to historical and other reasons, leaving the Chinese expeditionary force of up to more than 3 thousand people, but now there are few living. Li Guangdian is the only one in Myitkyina. (end)相关的主题文章: