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The media college girls murder case court sentenced the murderer parents tomorrow at the Communication University of China girls murder case details exposure was desire money to honor parents murdered media female students had pictures [see more photos] Legal Evening News (reporter Downing) this afternoon, "Legal Evening News" reporter learned that Communication University of China students Zhou Yunlu was killed in a recent progress, tomorrow morning at 9:30 the suspect Li Sida will stand trial in Beijing third intermediate people’s court. Reporters learned from the court that the case is not a public hearing. Victim Zhou Yunlu’s family has come to Beijing. The father said, will tomorrow and Zhou mother together to court, and Li Sida filed a criminal incidental civil compensation. For the amount of compensation, the father said it was not convenient to disclose, but he said, one thing is certain, it is hoped that the court for him (Li Sida) to be sentenced!" A brief review of the case in August 9, 2015, 2014 Communication University of China of Arts graduate Zhou Yunlu was already graduated a year of alumni Li Sida lured to a nearby boziwan rental, Li Sida said the shooting, after the brutal murder of attempted rape. Soon, the Chaoyang police in the media near the University of Inner Mongolia Hotel Li Sida will be arrested, confessed their crime. In the interrogation, Lester explained is looking for an innocent man as a vent, "she is an innocent victim". In August 3, 2016, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau compulsory treatment management center issued a forensic psychiatric forensic opinion, Lester showed no mental illness, without the ability to identify and control the symptoms of mental disorders caused by the implementation of the violations, as full criminal responsibility. At the end of August 2016, Li Sida suspicion of intentional homicide prosecution. (Legal Evening News)相关的主题文章: