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In a good humor! Yang Kun and Hua Chenyu sing before the background string line Sina entertainment news Oriental TV large original music challenge program "sounds of nature" battle in November 13th fifth late to meet with the audience, in the fifth phase of the program Yang Kun [micro-blog] to the classic song "that day" after the opening, attracted little brother in the station to sing. In the face of the host "why dress so simple", Yang Kun quipped "plainly dressed in less high-profile, or when you lose do not know how to end" Yang Kun is so self deprecating, prompted the audience laughter. Finally, Zhou Xiaoxiao chose to challenge Yang Kun, Ren Boru abandon the choice, Yang Kun and Zhou Xiaoxiao reached a challenge. In the selection of the song, Zhou Xiaoxiao selected for the song of Li Yuchun is the next intersection to see, he chose to sing the [micro-blog] of the brave. For 24 hours, "Teana sing" together "string line", Fei Yuqing and Yang Kun talk about "adaptation of the next intersection see", Yang Kun said it would be lovely, romantic song dance style of songs adapted into Latin style, adding more melodic songs on the basis of the original law. Dynamic and strengthened the sense of the scene. Before the concert, Yang Kun said: "this is a happy song, we want to be happy, really listen to" open throat all High up, all the audience and the sounds of all stood up to sing "follow the music swing together, Huachen Yu [micro-blog] can not help feeling good, very cool."!" Also excitedly in the audience for Yang Kun and sound. The song ended, the Cheng Lei call "too wonderful! How can you relax so much?" Yang Kun said, "often lost not afraid", so "the courage to self black Yang Kun, netizens call" Kun brother too cute "" go the feeling is very good, so good!". Karen Mok [micro-blog] in the comment section also said, Yang Kun is very easy to infect all the people on the scene, this vote I vote for Kun brother." Hua Chenyu also said to the Challenger: "in my heart Kun brother is to win you." For Zhou Xiaoxiao, Yang Kun said: "she is a special girl, ten years can always adhere to is really not easy, I hope she can beat me today, can give her a chance to hear her sing a song." Yang Kun "the next intersection to see" 303:267 victory over Zhou Xiaoxiao’s "courageous", in the face of the final result, Yang Kun said: "Zhou Xiaoxiao is a obstinate girl, a stubborn girl, she is very resilient, the people who know you will understand that a heart and sincere speech from Zhou Xiaoxiao field tears and hugs Yang Kun. The broadcast has been close to the middle, not only to challenge the people more and more strong, a few more Teana sing can freely play face the challenge strength, in the sixth phase of the program, they will bring us what kind of surprise? Just wait and see. (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: