U.S. military officials said they must contact the people’s Liberation Army can reduce unnecessary r-小坂めぐる

U.S. military officials said the PLA must contact: to reduce the unnecessary risk of Sohu – Military Channel Reference News Network reported on September 24th: foreign media said the U.S. chief of naval operations admiral Richardson John? Recently attended the Asian strategy sponsored by the center for American Progress of the think-tank seminar. At the meeting, he expressed optimism about the relationship between the United States and China naval relations, and warned not to exaggerate the threat posed by the anti intervention AD (A2) capabilities. According to the Japanese foreign scholars website reported on September 23rd, his statement reflects the United States, and to China Navy contact can achieve effect is limited, but also shows that in the United States and Chinese both cooperation and competition, through cooperation can establish some mechanism, make the competition of unnecessary risk to a minimum. He also counter the tendency that the involvement of the regional anti denial system in the U.S. power projection "panacea", he said the people who hold this view does not understand China in truly successful deployment of anti rejection technology and the involvement of the regional operation problem faced check system. Richardson stressed that have common interests in the field of China and the people’s Liberation Army Navy also stressed the importance of cooperation, the real Chinese into the regional security architecture, to ensure that the necessity of common prosperity. Reported that he referred to the example of China to participate in the Pacific Rim military exercises, as well as his frequent meetings with the head of the Chinese Navy (met 5 times this year). But he also acknowledged that the United States and China still have differences in some areas, such as the South China Sea issue on the risk of possible. Therefore, he also stressed the need to find a way to get the risk minimization, meet the rules of maritime accidents such as U.S. warships and military regulations act ". According to voice of America radio website reported on September 22nd, the U.S. Supreme military commander said China and Russia in the confrontation with the United States military competition, including the competition, although military competition is still not lead to war. Reported that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Deng Fude 21 in the Air Force Association’s annual meeting said that although Chinese the intent and the defense budget has traditionally been opaque, but in his opinion, the military modernization scale and objective at a glance. Deng Fude said: I am very clear that China is launching a major military cause, in order to achieve the modernization of nuclear weapons, and promote the deployment of forces, space, network, ballistic missiles and air defense and other areas of modernization. Like Russia, China is seeking to limit our ability to deploy military forces and undermine the credibility of our Pacific allies." Reported that he believes that the U.S. policy is still seeking a variety of ways to cooperate with China, but in the military, the U.S. military is watching the militarization of the South China Sea and China to expand outside asia. China said that the development of military modernization is to safeguard national sovereignty and security.相关的主题文章: