The Taiwan military missile error case punish officers suspected of more efforts to enlarge the Smal-爱多vcd

The Taiwan military missile error case: punish officers suspected of more efforts to enlarge the small Sohu – Military Channel text with map: male three missiles. Chinese Taiwan network August 30th news: taiwan navy ship Jin Jiang July 1st "shot" treasures three missiles, the Taiwan authorities "Department of defense" yesterday (29 days) to report the administrative, there are 4 large deletion. But according to the survey, the Navy Department and other units also teach quasi negligence. According to reports, the second wave of the list will expand the scope of punishment, including the Taiwan Navy teaching qualification personnel department, ship and quasi refers to the 131 fleet ship captain Jin Jiang, Captain Lin Qingji and agreed to exercise, will be subject to administrative accountability, but in order to be field officers are, "Taiwan times" China questioned the punishment is grasping small amplification. According to Taiwan’s China Times reported that the Taiwan military generals said the second wave of punishment involving more units, to open a few people will be punished, the list is still not available this week. As to whether there are generals punished, is unable to conclude that. 4 lack of the Taiwan authorities "Department of defense" is put forward, including not in accordance with the provisions of supervision in the process control system of job training, in violation of discipline; precision weapons training and inspection of the whole operation process, no emergency mechanism; test qualification oversight, task assignment without professional training and supervision of cadres; lack of strength, not in compliance with specifications. "The Department of defense on behalf of the general inspector Wu Baokun said," Jin Jiang, a foreign warships to accept annual test exam, the implementation of the male three missile fire control system test, system supervisor sergeant Chen Mingxiu, not the whole war room to set the executive system of supervision, and did not confirm the mode selection. Sergeant Gao Jiajun fails to comply with the supervisor system of missile command, went to the console connection operation by No. 3 missiles were not installed in the test simulator under the condition of the actual launch start. In addition, the implementation of warships missile fire control system and Jin Jiang seized the whole, in the implementation of the 2 "test training simulator (TTS) connection operation, Jing and Gao Jiajun from the fire control and corporal Lai Baicheng to complete. Even can not be connected to live in violation of provisions of fire safety joint, by high Lai, respectively joint full play FireWire, long for weapon Xu Bo and Chen Mingxiu were not the presence of cadre supervision. Furthermore, Captain Jin Jiangjun Lin Boze took command of captain in less than 3 months, the proposed test application, inconsistent with the provisions of. And the test on the same day, the relevant cadres rushed test subjects missing data, it refers to the Navy’s 131 fleet, the ship and teaches, the unit test for review under careful. Finally, ship officers are subject to a junior officer class education and training, and has the same experience type ship experience, but for practical work and other related regulations are not familiar with weapons and equipment. Wu Baokun said, this case caused by department personnel did not comply with the standard operating procedures, inadequate supervision of cadres "and" improper control of weapons and equipment, resulting in a missile shot. As for the concern and subsequent punishment list, Wu Baokun said, according to the Kaohsiung district report, show long responsibility heavier weapons. In addition, the captain, vice captain should also bear the responsibility of supervision, the other should not apply for a foreign ship Jin Jiang, funded trial personnel should be responsible for study. As for the loss caused by the issue of compensation and weapon damage, "Department of defense" will receive the indictment, common research by law department and the navy.相关的主题文章: