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Three Sino foreign co production film project unveiled the Silk Road International Film Festival – Sohu entertainment Silk Road International Film Festival Guangming Daily News (reporter Cao Yuanlong) the third session of the Xi’an Silk Road International Film Festival Chinese film co production forum released three days before a high-profile foreign film co production projects, respectively is the first China and Kazakhstan co production film "musicians" first, China and Iran co production film "Shaolin dream" and China and India in "Monkey King Legend". It is understood that "the musician" tells the story of Chinese famous musician Xian Xinghai in the Great Patriotic War was removed to Almaty, Kazakhstan musicians rescue experience in the cruel environment under the extreme cold and hunger. "Dream" is a Shaolin Kung Fu Comedy Film, tells the story of obsession Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Iran youth in China and Chinese partners to learn martial arts Shaolin, rough experience. It is also the first manifestation of modern Shaolin Temple legend film, supported by the Shaolin Temple. "Monkey King Legend" is a blend China and India both image and China Monkey King super hero action science fiction creation. The core of the story and the characters by the creation of spider man, Batman, iron man and other superheroes of the father of Stan Lee and India Graphic India animation Co produced. The three Department of Chinese and foreign Co productions by Chinese pictures respectively with the Kazakhstan national shiny film group, Iran’s largest film investment issuer Farabi Film Foundation and India Cinema film investment fund investment to build. Shining pictures founder, chairman Shen Jian said: "China domestic film market is developing rapidly, but the process of internationalization is facing many challenges. International cooperation is also a shortcut to take the right path." Shen Jian introduced last year to establish international co production film shining fund, focused on the development and production base China while facing the commercial co productions of the international market, the investment amount from $10 million to $60 million, annual investment plan development, production and produced 3 ~ 5 movies. Shen Jian hopes to establish a platform for the cooperation of Chinese and foreign filmmakers, together with overseas counterparts to deduction and speak good story China, introduced to the world and spread China culture, promote Chinese and countries along the Silk Road cultural exchanges and people connected".   相关的主题文章: